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Best Games of 2023 (Console) – Ranked by Harvey John

2023 Has been a hell of a year for gaming – it’s had some massive releases. And now that Christmas has passed some of you may have a bit of an empty schedule until NYE. If you’re like me, you probably have a bit of dosh saved up. That’s either money from work or from relatives or from a loved one who finds you a difficult person to shop for. 

You may even be wondering what to spend that money on.Weeeeeeeeelll... You could squeeze in a few good hours of gaming there.. 

Why not?! Kick up your feet! Turn on that old console! Here’s a few suggestions for you of what you might think about playing. My personal top three recommended games from 2023 that are absolutely perfect from start to finish. 


1.    Baldurs Gate 3

Larian Studies are over a decade in the making of this fun, fantastical, hilarious and ground-breaking adventure into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. In this game you are a citizen of the City of Baldurs Gate captured by the Mind Flayers. 

Your goal – get back to the city and find out what the Mind Flayers are planning. Sounds straight forward, right? Wrong! Along the way you’ll encounter many scenarios where every action will have a consequence in the world. And I mean every action. Every fight, every conversation, is going to have an impact. Even your character class – from sorcerer to knight to thief to druid and more – and species will affect almost every aspect of the gameplay. 

So, make your decisions wisely, cause if you don’t – you WILL live to regret it!



2.    Spider-Man 2 

Sequel to Spider-Man (2018) and Miles Morales (2020), this game sees double the Spider-Men with double the action! Take on the role of the two protectors of New York City as you swing your way across this concrete-jungle-playground. You’re not alone out there, whether you’re Peter or Miles you’ve always got backup. 

And this game makes you need it! Sandman, Venom, Kraven the Hunter – these are just a few of the famous villains out to see you to your grave. 

This game makes you feel strong and fast and smooth as you battle bad guys and web-sling your way across the boroughs of New York. Peter’s tech makes you feel like you can adapt to any situation. Miles’ venom abilities allow you take on the toughest of foes without any worry whatsoever. 

This game is a perfect adaptation of some of the best Spider-Man stories around! Mixing characters and presenting villains in ways we could never expect. The future of Spider-Man in gaming has never looked safer with Insomniac at the heel! 



3.    Star Wars : Jedi Survivor 


Sequel to the 2019 game Star Wars Jedi :Fallen Order, this game developed by Respawn sees a return to form from Cal Kestis, former Jedi of the now long destroyed Jedi Order now a decade gone. 

For five years since his escape from the Inquisitors and Darth Vader he’s been looking for safe harbour and the promise of living to re-build the Jedi Order. Five years on he’s a man, broken by years on the run from The Empire. 

Now there is hope on! On the remote planet of Koboh there’s a secret world hidden from all. Even the Empire. Now Cal is back with the crew of the Mantis. And this time he’s stronger than before. With The Force and his Lighstaber, Cal is a deadly foe. He’s also still stunted by years without formal training. 

Playing like a Souls meets Science-Fiction, Survivor is the perfect game for those who love classic Star Wars and long for to fill out the dream of playing as Jedi. Be warned however – this is not a happy tale. This is the age of Rebellion before Luke Skywalker raised his fathers lighstaber. Hope is still very much a promise yet to be fulfilled, and doom lurks around every corner…


There we have it! My picks for 2023. I hope you play them and enjoy them as I did. Until next time, this is Harvey John – signing off!

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