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Brave Matrimony

When was the last time you watched an animated movie? Preferably, animated movies are named “children’s movies. Children’s movies or animated movies are protected worldwide. Regardless of age, animated films are loved by all and carry a message for everyone. They have a deeper meaning than just some motion pictures. The characters are diverse and relatable. Cinematic movies are open to more fantastic themes. It unlocks the imagination, and we wonder about things that don’t even exist.

Animated movies are viral, and it’s a vast industry. The global animation market ranges from about 391bn dollars, and the Global 3D animation market size is about 18 bn dollars. The 3D animation is expected to grow by 50% by 2026. The most famous studios for animated feature films are Pixar, Disney, and Dream Works. Some of the highest-grossing movies are The Incredibles, The Lion King, and Finding Dori.

Each of the films has a philosophical edge and covers multiple themes. Parentage matters are discussed, whether through superheroes or animals like fish and lions. There are themes of heroism, taking a stand, and solving problems. It is called animation with philosophy, as Cambridge scholars put it. It is an allomorphism through which various dimensions arise.

We will talk about another interesting animated movie that deserves all the applause. “Brave” was released in 2012, but the film's message lasts till day. It is relatable to a teenager in 2023 even. Watched as just another movie in your childhood, it can shift your worldview if you watch it grown up. It will make you what the film says, i.e., brave!

Brave seems to be ahead in time. It seems to break many of the gender stereotypes and gender roles. The story opens up to show a cute redhead and blue-eyed girl who got a bow as her first birthday present. That shows can girls can love something else besides Barbies and dolls. Loving Barbies is not wrong, but fixating on them alone and making them a gender symbol is.


The movie carries on to show how rebellious the heroine is. Merida, who is the firstborn and possibly a princess, has all the qualities of what it takes to be a “man. The story's setting is fixed in tribal societies, castles, and clans, but modern houses and modern societies can take up after that too. So according to the rituals and norms, the activities circle around archery, sword fighting, and horse riding. Merida is an expert in all these. She wakes up and climes her horse, Agnus. She shoots arrows while riding and climbs misty mountains to drink from Firefalls.

Merida is carefree about her living and pays less heed to her mother. She is not interested in learning about her kingdom or what they call “legends. Her mother seems quite strict about her grooming as a traditional princess. She is constantly picking on her attitude and instructing her to behave well.

“A princess strives for perfection.”

But Merida goes on to rebel as she is shown as a strong-headed woman. But her mother has something else for her: suitors, Betrothal, and matrimony. Three clans present their boys as their best possible candidates for her hand upon her mother’s invitation. Merida is everything but thrilled and gets ready forcefully.

Merida on horseback

It resonates with the story of a typical Eastern girl. Nothing else carries importance other than marriage. Everything surrounds the timeline of marriage. A certain age is required, as domestic talent, beauty, and a well-behaved attitude. The success of a woman’s life lies in marriage. In other words, a woman is seen as accomplished only when she is in relation with a man. Without it, she is not accepted as talented or complete. Whether she has every skill and even more perfection on what society deems suitable for men. She is always pointed out and asked about her relationship status. Her decisions about her life are not hers. Through Merida, we can detect the same situation. She is also forced with all the expectations of society and her clan.

Things take a turn when the movie develops an exciting shift. Merida outrightly ignores her mother. According to custom, the men must win the hand of the princess by competing in games. Merida chooses archery, and the arena is set. None of the men were able to put the mark right. And then comes the brave lady who speaks the following iconic lines:

“I am Merida. First Born descendant of Clan Dun Broch, and I’ll be shooting for my hand.”

Merida's bulls eye


And there she goes, bull eye on all of them. This part is significant. The men were to show mastery in archery which is very unhelpful in matters of matrimony. But it is not that meaningless. Now, matrimony is set based on wealth and status and what the other party has to offer, in other words, dowry. There is not a single mention of what the be to married couple feel for each other. Are they compatible? Do they share some common interests? Do they like each other, or is there someone else? Merida presents a brave move in front of everyone and clear words and quite “artfully” says no! It speaks loud and clear that what better have you got?

Merida in front of chiefians

The rift between Merida and her mother is also significant. It digs out a deeper mother-daughter relationship. They must understand each other. It is crucial to “mend the bonds torn by pride. The movie shows evolving characters of both females. In the end, the lessons we got are essential. Both of them understood each other and listened to the different perspectives. The most important one was the coming generations would choose “who to love” and “follow their hearts and make their own stories. Everyone is listening to the princess, and her mother, Queen Elinor, entirely agrees. The best part was to listen and not be staunch in their beliefs.

Merida and Elinor



A beautiful story with an impactful lesson. Brave will live on in many women. We should grow out of this that only marriage defines women and make them happy. The ending was remarkable as it doesn’t end up in a typical happy marriage ending. 

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