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Duff McKagan: The Punk Rebel Member Of Guns N’ Roses

Ricardo Paulino

 Michael, (better known as Duff), was born on the 5th of February of 1964, in Seattle, USA. From an early age he felt a fascination with music, being inspired by rock and roll, blues and punk stars of the moment.

"I had an older brother, Bruce, who's a left-handed player. I write left-handed, so I was originally a left-hander because he had a left-handed bass. He taught me 'Birthday' [by] THE BEATLES, which is the major blues scale, basically", said McKagan to the media.

He has always been able to serve as the media's primary point of contact with the band thanks to his amiable and charming disposition. Speaking at press conferences and in the lobby, Duff is a highly gregarious and articulate individual who is constantly on the road, whether with Guns N' Roses or on his own.

“I saw Led Zeppelin in ‘77 at the Kingdome in Seattle, and it was epic”. “And then punk rock happened,” said the bassist feeling proud of himself. “Back then, there were no big screens and the stages were small. So, at the Kingdome, Led Zeppelin were these tiny people. And you knew they got out of there afterwards on a plane that probably said ‘Led Zeppelin’ on it and flew away,” he explained, looking back at a formative music moment. “And I love Led Zeppelin. But then I saw The Clash. I saw them in ‘79 before London Calling at the Paramount Theatre. McKagan set the scene, saying, "There were 150 people there, and it was the Seattle punk scene; we knew everybody.".

It’s So Easy (And Other Lies): The Autobiography

This is Duff McKagan's candid autobiography, offering a raw and honest account of his tumultuous life as the bassist for Guns N' Roses. From the highs of rock stardom, to the depths of addiction, McKagan's memoir reflects on survival, redemption, and the resilience of the human spirit is all written in his book published in 2012.

Lighthouse Album

The album Lighthouse, which has songs by the man who will always be recognised as Guns N' Roses' bassist, is surprisingly good. Lighthouse, which was released four years after the highly acclaimed Tenderness album, is a considerably better and more authentically Duff McKagan record. While Tenderness attempted to portray Duff as a true singer-songwriter, this new album does a far better job of presenting him as a true artist.

The McKagan family

Susan Holmes McKagan is a model, fashion designer, and novelist; she is the wife of Duff McKagan. There are two girls in the couple: Grace and Mae. Susan's philanthropic and advocacy activities are well-known, and their girls' varied interests indicate a family that is actively involved in the arts and charity causes.


Edited by: Jonathan Nwabenu

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