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Grease Vibes are back with one last track: The Rise of the pink ladies

Ever since 1978, the world went into a heavy craze with the smashing and iconic "Grease" that broke the entertainment & musical industry by storm. These were credited to the likes of 'John Travolta' & 'Olivia Newton-John, that made the world of leathers & so-called pink hit the fashion seen again.

Coming from someone that was brought up in the early 90s this was something new & never had been seen, it was still epic & ongoing. Nobody had ever shaken that fever, even with the second attempts with the likes of "Grease 2" which to my Aunty 'Jean' who deemed that 'Maxwell Caulfield was more a fitting tribute to the motorcycle & leathers than a younger so-called 'John Travolta' who was just subjected to a so-called car, there just was no give & takeover who was more epic.

Over time there has never been any remake in the movies department except hearsay that "Kylie Minogue would take on a part of the franchise" Officially this is still unofficial to the likes of the fans of "Grease". It was talked about but never committed to.

2023, yeah that time when all things are getting more interesting again! Wait what could it be? A new series has hit the network with an interesting take thanks to the network Paramount. Before the actual "Grease," this lays out how the pink ladies officially started & how things became such a united female front.

This series has its frills & slight modern out-take on how the 50s were & such an iconically detailed avenue, it could certainly be the next awaited Grease adventure that we've all been waiting for.

Some fans have reported, "That they've even got that certain fever back in their life again. " Since Covid-19, there hasn't been anything better on tv it's all about how we should go back into the world.

The rise of the Pink Ladies is something of its own, for anyone wishing it could be anything other than musical then should go on their way! This is for people who like a bit of this & that.

"They've worked well to adjust the 50s intake of such work, but it isn't 'Grease' it will do!

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