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HOCUS POCUS 2: What a mistake!

Back in 1993 every little child's fantasy became their reality when the Sanderson sisters hit the big screen giving us the full works of mystery & witchery. 

29 years later the sequel to Disney's most beloved tale, brought back after a decade. Leaving us many adults all over the world exhilarated & waiting patiently for the sequel to take us back into that world, we went to in 1993.  

On the 30th October 2022, it finally came to Disney. All over the world glanced & watched the sequel, either alone or with their children. 

Me on the other hand decided to watch it alone without any company, due to my children either stating who's who & making far too much noise, so therefore I would not encounter the full works of the film. 

It was quite a long winded process before it got to the major parts without giving too much away, it just dragged on. After 25 minutes into the film.

It started getting confusing, the actresses that played the Sanderson sisters were of course older & even more elegant than ever, they were perfect.

As for the rest of the cast they seemed dulled out by the writers who gave lack of detail surrounding the story to the much loved film.

After all of that wonder & creation we have now encountered the sequel & realized that some sequels are best left alone, even if it cost us our own entertainment let down. 

If they had brought back some of the original characters, it would have been a great sequel that could have introduced the new characters in a better way. 

This is the second adaptation that is now for a new generation. Leaving us so-called adults behind!


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