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"I Knew I Was Writing It for a Boy": Lauv Opens Up About His Sexuality

Lauv on X


In a world where authenticity often feels like a luxury, 25-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer Lauv is maybe, probably being himself — he’s definitely being self-aware. On  March 12th, 2024 on tiktok, Lauv posted, "I feel like I’m gay, okay."  He wasn’t joking — and with this kind of candor, he’s proved himself to be a role model in an industry where there are precious few while also pre-releasing a snippet of his new song “Potential”. 


Getting there has been a process fraught with introspection and vulnerability; in this TikTok confession, he spoke about feeling the "pressure … to look a certain way and have a six pack and be like ‘cool.’" Back then, he even changed his voice in an attempt to blend in, he said. "I find myself wanting to be a lot more … I don’t want to think of intelligent ways to say this! I just find myself feeling a little bit more like this," Lauv said.


The audience overwhelmingly agreed with him and shared their own stories where they had and were struggling with self-acceptance, this caused the fan base of Lauv to have a strong connection and conversation on topics such as the art of self-love and acceptance, fitting in with society and most importantly being comfortable with the real you.


This isn’t the first time that Lauv has opened up about his sexuality on social media. Back in June of 2023 he actually hinted at being attracted to men  in a TikTok video . The viral TikTok pointed out the fact that people’s sexualities, for some, might be constantly changing as they navigate certain relationships and that romantic connection isn’t black and white.


Lauv has really gone in depth multiple times about how OCD, anxiety and the closet has influenced his life overall, affected his art, and in my opinion is the main reason his music is so raw feeling the way it does from producing it in his dorm. Receiving an abundance of support through his journey, fans of Lauv have been there with him no matter what. Showering him in love and encouragement as he defines himself and shows the world, there is no weakness in honesty and vulnerability, only strength. Even as he charts new territory, Lauv sees music as an outlet – a chance to be himself. With his confessional lyrics and irresistible melodies, he aims to strike a chord with fans in more ways than one, hoping their journeys of self-discovery mirror his own.


Despite the world’s frequent frowns upon those who refuse to let themselves be boxed in, Lauv’s strength to say no to it all and to trek out on his own paves the way for the rest of us to do the same. By being his one and only Lauv, he shows us again what it looks like to choose himself and to love himself, and how sweet it is to be the way he was meant to be.


Edited by: Avanie Hiranandani

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