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Is TikTok influencing our daily life?

TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share videos on any topic. With one billion active users in 2021, it has formed the basis of many trends over the past six years. From visiting Lake Como to trending dances, we often subconsciously think about TikTok in everyday life. Individuals have even been able to make an income from the app, whether it’s editing videos or being a content creator. 


What makes TikTok so addictive?


The content is relatable, funny and entertaining. Other forms of social media like Twitter and Instagram are a lot more structured; you will often see edited photos but TikTok allows individuals to be themselves. Another reason is anyone can be part of the community- you don’t have to be an influencer or have a million followers. The app allows creativity to thrive with many filters, audios and effects offered to users. The For You page scrolls constantly, never ending in content you will enjoy. 


TikTok’s influence on the world


It has never been easier for strangers to become stars overnight. For example, many undercover songwriters have gone viral when creating videos on this platform. Users are constantly searching for new audios in hopes of finding something that is fun to or can be humorous. The “renegade” dance trend has involved approximately 29 million users; Tiktok has allowed anyone to dance, not just professionals. 


I can’t mention TikTok without touching on the “Hype House.” This was originally created by Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson at the beginning of 2020. With talent agencies' sponsorships, the individuals residing in these houses pay rent by filming up to three videos a day with only the most influential TikTokers associated with the house.


The dangerous side to TikTok:


Moderators only seem to censor out politically driven messages or nudity, allowing 800 million active users worldwide to create whatever they like. Young people overshare details of their sex lives and disguise blatant racism as “dark humour” whilst the algorithim continues to promote these videos. 


It’s evident that Tiktok is going to continue being a popular app. Its combination of instant gratification and accessibility ensures that teenagers and young adults stay entertained. It’s important to remember that TikTok (like all other social media) is showing you the highlights of people’s lives. 

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