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Lizzo’s Backhanded Spotlight: A Society that Picks Appearance Over Talent

Lizzo, a superstar known for her empowering hits about self-confidence and acceptance, has faced relentless cyberbullying regarding her physical appearance and fallacious assumptions about her lifestyle. Despite leading an extremely healthy lifestyle and working hard to stay physically fit, she continues to feel like her talent is overshadowed by comments about her physical appearance. 


Lizzo has expressed contempt for how her name is discussed online, and even so, the bullying persists. It's important to remember that Lizzo is a real person who reads and is affected by these comments. Society should shift its focus to valuing people's talents before criticizing their bodies.


Lizzo Speaks Out

Lizzo is outspoken and honest about what she encounters online, especially when it comes to negative comments about her body. Recently, she was forced to address comments about her eating fast food, clarifying that she “literally” hasn't consumed fast food in years. Lizzo leads a healthy lifestyle and is a quadruple threat, possessing talents such as singing, dancing, acting, and designing clothing. She is a groundbreaking performer who has made a significant impact on this generation by preaching body positivity and self-love and further demonstrating it to her fans.


However, the constant scrutiny of her physical appearance by online bullies threatens to overshadow her remarkable career. Some individuals are determined to push Lizzo out of the spotlight solely because of their judgment of her looks. 


Double Standard

An unfortunate phenomenon is that people on the internet often feel entitled to comment on others' appearances, using words they would never dare to say in person. Making assumptions about Lizzo, such as implying she is intentionally trying to be fat or suggesting she cannot get skinny reflects the double standards that exist. People would rarely feel comfortable approaching someone in person and saying these things, but find themselves comfortable enough to do it online. 


Lizzo has clarified that she is not actively trying to change her appearance and instead focuses on her health and work rather than her physical looks. She emphasizes that her talent is the most important aspect of her being, as it is what propelled her to fame. In a time when anti-bullying messages are being promoted, it's disheartening to see Lizzo facing an overwhelming amount of hate on the internet rather than support, as if she is an expectation to anti-bullying campaigns.


Speaking Out

Lizzo's honest approach to addressing the discomfort caused by comments about her has encouraged other pop stars to speak up about similar experiences. Ariana Grande recently shared her thoughts on the incessant comments fans make about pop stars' bodies, highlighting the dehumanizing nature of such remarks. Her points resonate with not only pop stars but anyone in the public eye who faces constant scrutiny regarding their appearance. This issue is particularly problematic for women, who often feel that their efforts are never good enough, no matter what they do.


Performing is a Workout

It is unfortunate that someone who is so pro-inclusivity and pro-diversity is not able to feel accepted by everyone. One reporter recently stated about Lizzo,  “I’ve witnessed live concerts where she passionately sings, raps, plays the flute, and dances. Her mic is on every night. It takes an astonishing amount of athleticism to perform like this.” This highlights how she is a performer whose talent should be respected, and her body size is just another inconsequential characteristic that makes Lizzo who she is. 

All bodies are okay. It is important for society to recognize the harmful impact of cyberbullying and to promote a culture of acceptance and respect. Instead of fixating on someone's physical appearance, it is crucial to appreciate their talents, achievements, and the positive contributions they make.

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