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Meek Mill Pays Bail For 20 Incarcerated Women

Cover Photo Credits To Hypebeast.

Rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams or referred to as Meek Mill decided to give back this holiday season to 20 specific women. Meek Mill paid the bail of 20 incarcerated women who could not afford the price of their release. On top of that, Meek Mill bought them gift cards, groceries, and other presents to help the now-released prisoners prepare to return to their families for the holiday season.

Meek Mill was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ever since rising to fame, he has stated on multiple occasions that he enjoys giving back to the city he grew up in. More importantly, Meek Mill has made it a personal mission to donate to people in need every holiday season. Last December, a few days before Christmas, Meek Mill donated over $500,000 worth of Christmas gifts to families in need in Philadelphia.

On December 22, 2022, Meek Mill attended Riverside Correctional Facility, a local Philadelphia prison, and posted bail for the incarcerated women that were in jail for low-level crimes. After gaining the intel of the select women, he decided to choose the twenty women that needed the release the most.

Meek Mill, Shaun "Jay-Z" Carter, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and others founded the Reform Alliance on January 23, 2019. Reform Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps families and individuals fight against some of the problems their communities are facing. Issues such as reforming incarceration and parole laws to help change some of the flaws of the judicial system in the United States. 

With the help of the Reform Alliance and the contribution of Meek Mill, the release of 20 incarcerated women was able to occur. Meek Mill stated that he decided to do this mainly because he was once in a similar situation as the multiple women, he was paying bail for. 

Meek Mill (right) Pictured With Jay-Z. (Photo Credits To CNN)

“No one should have to spend the holidays in jail simply because they can't afford bail, and no child should be without their parents during this time if we can do something about it.” Meek Mill said on Instagram. He showed empathy as he spent one Christmas in jail away from his son and described it as one of the most challenging moments he has ever been through. Meek Mill stated, "It was devastating for me to be away from my son during the holidays when I was incarcerated. I understand what these women and their families are going through.”

With the release of the female prisoners, it becomes a part of one of the many societal contributions Meek Mill has made throughout his successful rap career. Meek Mill is known for his career in philanthropy and activism outside of being a musician. Meek Mill aims to continue his contributions to the city of Philadelphia and the country when every holiday season approaches. Meek Mill has stated that he cares for the people who have similar experiences that he has faced and wants them to have the ability to escape the issues. He strives to be the leading voice to many people who do not have the outreach like him.

We applaud him for all he had done and will continue to do to make society a safer place and wish him the very best in his future endeavors. 

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