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The people behind the cameras every single time, trying to click pictures of celebrities: capturing every moment 24*7 because it is their job to keep people aware of the world of celebrities and to generate content as well. We all know that how the Page 3 world and Bollywood are interconnected. When I say Paparazzi, what comes to your mind? Mumbai it is as all the Bollywood celebrities reside in Mumbai only and the whole entertainment industry has been running in Mumbai only. Some people do argue that whether this paparazzi culture is good for shaping an image for a celebrity while some argue that paparazzi are invading the private space of such celebrities by clicking their every action and posting it on the internet and social media as well.

In most cases, celebrities don't mind paparazzi's clicking their pictures and love to get their life coming out on social media and in magazines as well. But, sometimes even celebrities do get offended and irritated when paparazzi chase them down, click pictures of their children, ask them silly questions and ask for an unnecessary bite and it is natural to get angry when you are surrounded by cameras every time. But Paparazzi's are important to keep Social media active 24*7 and deliver the content to keep people engaged and entertained towards a particular page or channel and follow it regularly. Apart from paparazzi, we can spot many fans around Bollywood celeb's every time they come out of gym, restaurants, parties, airports, etc., and even get clicked by paparazzi's as well.

 If I talk about Mumbai, the major spot where paparazzi's are always busy and can't even take rest for a minute is the Mumbai Airport where paparazzi's capture the Bollywood stars the most they are always traveling from one city to another and from country to country as well for film shoots. The burden and responsibility double up for hair and makeup stylists and for fashionistas as how a celeb is looking depend on them only.

Kareena Kapoor khan in one of her interviews said that-"We should dress like normal human beings. Why should we dress up to go on a flight? But there's pressure. There has to be. Fine. But we should be normal. You should allow us to be normal. Jeans, T-shirt. When she was trolled for wearing the cap and a dress at the airport.

Once Alia Bhatt said that the Gym look had eclipsed the Airport Look and "Gym is the new red carpet" she added. Saif Ali Khan disagreed while speaking about getting clicked at Airport and Gym and said that he never dresses for paparazzi's at all and wants to be normal and not a fashion victim.

Well, it is not always about the Bollywood celebrities only many times star kids come under the radar as well and it is quite obvious. SRK once spoke that- "I am okay with them getting photographed... I have told (my kids), if photographers come, give the pictures and ask, 'Can I go now. They'll all listen to you because I have known them for 25 years."

Kajol also said about her kids getting papped that-If something like this were to happen with Nysa or Yug, I'd be infuriated. Sadly, the Indian paparazzi has reached a stage where it can do this to a kid. What happened with her sounds like bullying to me."Even Saif and Kareena were not happy from paparazzi's clicking pictures of their son Taimur and said-"He gets clicked wherever he goes, even when I'm not with him. All those flashbulbs make him blink,"

Concluding this, just want to say that Paparazzi culture is spreading day by day is very important for all the celebrities as they help them to get fame and stardom a lot. even celebrities don't have a problem with them at all and love getting clicked, it is just that sometimes when the camera comes too close and private space gets breached then definitely celebs show their anger towards paparazzi's but this is also a fact that this cold war between celebrities and paparazzi's does not last too long and we all know that how our Indian celebrities love our hardworking paparazzi's who wait for them just for a single click.

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