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Puss In Boots and The Voice That Made it Famous

It has been almost 20 years since people met Puss in Boots for the first time, but since then, it has been a never-ending love story, main thanks to Antonio Banderas. 


It was 2004, and DreamWorks Animation had just released Shrek 2 when a small red cat entered the hearts of fans worldwide. 

His little soft fur, the giant boots, and the black hat on top: everything about it was just so unique and conquered both adults and children. However, those cute little eyes hid an unexpected feature: the bold and deep voice of a mature man. 

Unexpected. Iconic. Hilarious. This choice was just something that did not fit its persona, simultaneously establishing the character as nothing else would have done better. But whose idea was it? 


When the idea of Puss in Boots started being shaped at DreamWorks, Antonio Banderas was approached to double the cat, giving birth to this incredible character.

Initially, the animation company’s producers were aiming for a thinner voice that would match the appearance of this little ginger cat. It was Banderas to change their mind, proposing to use a deeper and more sophisticated version, which was accomplished with great success thanks to the Spanish touch of the talented actor. 

“When you have the little body of this little cat, you put a voice like that, and the contrast is what made the comedy work,” Banderas explained in an interview with Sky News

Remembering the incredible journey that started with a supporting role in a hit animated film in 2004, which then became a success itself, creating its spinoff series in 2011, the Spanish actor argues: “I feel that it’s not only that I put the voice, what made me proud is that I collaborated to create it”.


Over almost two decades, the adventures of Puss in Boots have never stopped, releasing a new chapter just this week in the UK: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.


This new exciting picture is already establishing itself as one of the best-animated films of the year, having also been nominated for an Academy Award. 

Surprisingly, this film's themes differ slightly from the usual plot associated with kids.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish follows our brave protagonist in a new, and a bit terrifying, phase of his life when he discovers that he only has one of his nine lives left.

Through this alternative story, DreamWorks want to explore morality and death, putting a spotlight on our own life and on why we should appreciate it more.


Once again, Banderas delivered perfectly, but this time he felt a little more the weight of the role and the story. “I was surprised because, extraordinarily, I found that the movie had to do with me more than I thought. The fact that I had a heart attack in 2017 made me appreciate life differently”, argued the actor.

Also, the heavy themes that this new chapter of Puss in Boots brings are told in a careful and considerate way. This film is made to make children reflect, not cry.

In a period where the world is just starting to return to normality, and after months spent in lockdown, appreciating the small things that life gives you is crucial.


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