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Rainbow Cake Drama On TikTok

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A viral cake situation has taken over TikTok recently. It began when a baker posted about an unpleasant exchange with one of her clients. The client ordered a rainbow cake and was unsatisfied with the product.

The baker, Kylie Allen, expressed how displeased she was with the rudeness of the client and how she needed to remind the client that cakes covered in sprinkles would understandably have imperfections because sprinkles were not applied individually.

This remark prompted the client to post a response video showing the cake in question and posting messages between her and Allen. The cake looks visibly disheveled. The most surprising elements were the product's steep price ($75.99) and the wording on top of the cake.

The cake said Happy Birthday with the name the client wanted in black icing on top of white icing. The piping of the letters looked unprofessional and crowded on top of a thick lopsided swatch of white frosting.

Upon further investigation, fellow TikTok users discovered that many of Allen's cakes have the same unprofessional touches: sloppy piping, cracked fondant, and lopsided layering.

It was also discovered that Allen had posted pictures of cakes appearing on other bakery websites, pointing to stock photos or products other bakers made.

This has launched a discussion on the online forum. Some say Allen ought to have rectified the situation by remaking the cake or providing a refund. Some support Allen and think customers should behave kindly and courteously to those providing goods and services.

A few days after the situation went viral, the original client posted a video of herself remaking the rainbow cake she wanted. The makeup cake was an improvement visually from the original order.

Though she does own her own bakery, Kylie Allen does not have professional credentials as she started as a home baker, making cakes as a hobby. Notably, Allen has turned off comments on all her videos and is aware that the internet is speaking out against her decision to not only post about a dissatisfied customer but provide a product that was overpriced and unprofessional.

Some say this baker should be served a heaping slice of humble pie.

Edited by Niko Balkaran.

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