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Season Three of Outer Banks

Teresa Iovieno          

February 17, 2023   


Outer Banks' first episode aired on April 15 of 2020. Season three will air on February 23 of 2023 only on Netflix. This series is based on a group of teenagers on a hunt for legendary treasure linked with one of the teenagers in that group. Season three released its trailer the first week of February. What was revealed in the trailer for season three shows a grand departure from earlier seasons one and two.

The cast of Outer Banks revolves around a group of teenagers: Sarah Cameron, John B, JJ, Kiara, and Pope. Sarah's family is known as the villains of the show, Rafe Cameron, Ward Cameron, Rose Cameron, and Wheezie Cameron. In season 3, they added three new cast members who will be joining the Pogues, the group of teenagers. 


The main character is John B., who lost his father due to him trying to discover the treasure. His father has been gone for the first and second seasons. The trailer for season three revealed that Big John is alive, and his son John B. will see him for the first time in years. Sarah Cameron's father is the one that caused Big John to disappear, and Ward Cameron is also on the hunt for the treasure.  

Season two of Outer Banks' last episode ended with the Pogues losing the treasure and the gold cross. The group of teens was last seen in a boat heading away from the ship which had the gold cross. The people on the ship that wanted the treasure had all of the Cameron's family except for Sarah. Sarah recognized her father as a monster, and her mother is on his side; Sarah flipped and is now on Pogue's side with her boyfriend, John B.  



Furthermore, this is the final season of Outer Banks; everything is going to change for these Pogues. They are on the verge of embarking on one of their grandest treasure hunts. El Dorado, the lost city of gold, will be their destination this time. There's nothing left to lose for the Pogues in the Season 3 trailer, which features emotional family reunions and high-speed chases. Despite all their near-death experiences, the Pogues have managed to survive, but will they survive this season? 


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