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"Steamdown: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of London's Afro Jazz Scene"

For the past five years, my musical journey has been enriched by the soulful and electrifying sounds of Steamdown, an underground band that has carved its niche in London's vibrant music scene. My initiation into their world happened at the Brainchild Festival, a small DIY event that has been a breeding ground for emerging talent. The likes of King Krule in 2013 and Ezra Collective have graced its stage.


Brainchild Festival, a playground for artists destined for stardom, allow for personal interactions with musicians. One unforgettable moment in my visit involved dancing with Goya Gumbani for two hours, all while discussing the wonders of mushrooms. I was stunned by the energy of Steamdown. It was an intimate experience that set the stage for my exploration of the eclectic London music scene.


Steamdown, founded by Ahnansé creates a jazz mosh pit like no other. Fueled by their African heritage, their music transcends genres and guarantees an energetic experience. Remarkably, their track 'Etcetera' even made it into the FIFA soundtrack, a testament to the universal appeal of their sound. Afronut Zu, a regular presence in the band, adds an almost divine quality to their performances. Playing alongside him is incredible basssist Isabella Burnham, who might grace you with her vocals, and Ezra Collective drummer Femi Koleoso, whose rhythm is irresistible.


A weekly fixture in London, #sdweekly Steamdown's shows offer an authentic glimpse into the city's music culture. It's blend of regular tunes and spontaneous freestyles creates an atmosphere where attendees of all ages unite, defining the magic of the emerging Afro jazz scene. Collaborations with Flowdan at We Out Here 2022, a festival curated by the legendary Gilles Peterson, as well as a performance with TINY MAN, further solidify Steamdown's influence. Songs like 'Can't Hold Me Back,' 'Overcome,' and 'Free My Skin' speak to the soul, leaving audiences inspired and uplifted.


Despite their undeniable talent, the band often finds itself in need of a larger stage to accommodate it's growing fan base. To stay updated on their performances, joining their WhatsApp group is a must.


In a city brimming with musical diversity, Steamdown stands out as a beacon of the Afro jazz movement. Their fusion of genres, collaborations with iconic artists, and spiritually resonant tracks make them a must-see in the ever-evolving London music scene. So, whether you're a seasoned local or a visitor to the UK, keep an eye out for Steamdown – your gateway to the heart of London's musical soul.

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