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The Full Story Behind Henry Cavill’s Sudden Exist

Actor Henry Cavill announces surprising exit to much loved Netflix show 'The Witcher'. The show ran its first season in 2019 and quickly garnered a lot of attention with it currently having a viewing hour of over 743 million. The show is based on a Polish book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski and is currently in its second season. 


It is rumoured that Henry Cavill will make a final appearance in Season 3 before he is replaced by Australian actor Liam Hemsworth who will make his first appearance in Season 4. The mystery behind his exit is yet to be solved as there are currently many different reasons as to why he may have left.


This announcement was first made in October straight after he announced that he was making a return to another big franchise and his much-loved Superman actor, therefore, deciding to take a leave from the Netflix show so he could focus on that. Even though he is now lost out on the Superman role there are still no plans to return for him to return to his role in The Witcher. 


It was also suggested that whilst deciding on the plans for where the show would go there were creative differences that led to disagreements therefore Cavill thought it was best to exit the show.


Recently there have also been rumours that the exit from the show wasn’t as amicable as we were once led to believe. Some news reports suggest that Henry Cavill’s toxic behaviour on set was what led to the end of this partnership. This news allegedly was shared by a gossip page that began on Instagram asking people to share their interactions and insider news regarding celebrities called Deuxmoi suggesting his misogynist behaviour towards female cast members and his inability to work as a team player was the reason for his sudden existence. In a Deuxmoi podcast episode towards the end, the host read a comment made by an anonymous source stating the real reason Henry Cavill had to leave. 


The person wrote: 


“At the beginning of the show, Henry was good to work with. A lot of unusual demands that made people feel like he wasn’t really a team player, but that’s not unusual for a big star. Though in TV, it truly usually doesn’t happen until the second season. But in season 2 and 3, something shifted, and he became really impossible for women to work with, which is always a big problem. But even worse here, because the showrunner is a woman. He would try to overrule her and try to get changes made last minute across the board without her knowledge. Which, if you know anything about show running, is completely fucked. The showrunner has to sign off on every miniscule detail down to the buttons on a costume. Female writers and directors were suddenly completely ignored on set, unable to do their jobs. Every department head was complaining. He started making comments. It wasn’t a sexual thing: he wasn’t grabbing anyone, or being lewd, but it was disrespectful and toxic all the same. He’s deeply addicted to video games, to the point where it was like working with any other addict. He was distracted, he was late, he was obsessive. And a lot of people think that the misogyny came from gamer world. Video game bro language is not how you talk to co-workers. And he wouldn’t stop. Someone on the show compared it to watching get brainwashed by Qanon. Like, his whole personality shifted. Eventually his disrespect escalated. He would rewrite scenes without even alerting the other actors in the scenes until it was time to shoot. He decided that he didn’t want any romantic scenes at all. No kissing, no shirtless scenes, etc. He wanted complete control of storylines, but really had no idea of the limitations of TV, structure, budget, etc. He formed a weird alliance with one writer who was also a gamer, who eventually got fired after multiple HR complaints were made. And after that writer left, Henry did anything he could to hold up production and cause problems. Eventually top brass at Netflix was tired of him costing them money with delays in HR investigations. And the showrunner was asked to construct a potential exit for him. Netflix reached out to him personally, and he was given one final warning, and violated that warning with an email he sent to the entire writing staff, right after that meeting. That was it.” 


Although the page is just a gossip page there is no real proof confirming any of this as this comment or source was not verified. However, some fans thought that these claims could perhaps have some truth in them as some of his previously made statements didn’t exactly portray him as a feminist icon. 


When asked about the #Metoo movement he also had some issues. According to The Guardian, he said: 


“There’s something wonderful about a man chasing a woman … I think a woman should be wooed and chased, but maybe I’m old-fashioned for thinking that.”


“It’s very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place. Because then it’s like: ‘Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something.’”


These comments came with a lot of backlash with people calling him out for his tone death and victimised comments which led to him issuing an apology.


Whatever the reason maybe the show’s creator, Lauren Hissrich has promised the fans a great exit for the character. She spoke to Entertainment Weekly where she said that he would receive “the most heroic send-off".


Although we may not know the exact reason for his departure, we wish him the best for his future projects as well as welcome Liam Hemsworth to show we're sure he will do a splendid job and are excited to see how he makes the character his own.   

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