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The Insane Reality of Cocaine Bear Movie

Cocaine Bear is a bonker movie based on real-life events. Mainly, the story surrounds drug dealers and a bear that goes rampant. All the hype this movie is getting is because of its ludicrous and uncanny title. Like the movie “Snake on Plane” by David R. Ellis, Cocaine Bear follows the fictitious horror concept.


Cocaine Bear, released on February 28, follows the plot of a 500-pound bear consuming a significant amount of cocaine. Being high on cocaine, the bear ran rampant and attacked a group of cops, criminals, teens, and tourists.

Yes, the Cocaine Bear is a Real Movie

The weird movie took its roots from an incident that occurred in the twentieth century. The story began in the early 1980s when a police officer was accused of smuggling weapons and conspiring to move one thousand pounds of weeds. Andrew Thornton is a police officer who took leisure in unlawful activities and fled to North Carolina from California. However, his luck ran out, and he got arrested. At the moment of his arrest, he owned an illegal protective vest and a pistol. 


Thornton served six months in jail and five years of probation with a fine of $500. After losing his law license, he fit emboldened and blatant. DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Administration) agent Robert Brightwell describes him as a “007 paramilitary personality, an adventurer driven by adrenaline rushes.” Media often showed Thornton on the news for his rather remarkable personality.

 On September 11, 1985, Thornton and an accomplice were self-flying Cessna 404. Both men dropped cocaine packages around Blairsville, Georgia. Thornton’s parachute got damaged. Later, someone reported that a gentleman was lying dead on the ground. 


Police found out that the gentleman was Thornton. After three months, news about a dead black bear broke out. “The 1500-pound black bear popped up dead from an overdose.” There were also 40 torn, opened cocaine packages lying beside the black bear. Later, police diagnosed the bear as diseased with overdosing for four weeks. 


Presently, the hyde of the cocaine bear belongs to Waylon Jennings. Jenning is a musician who bought cocaine. However, someone stole it from Dalton's storage facility, and to a pawn shop.  The cocaine bear also has the name Pablo Esko Bear, given by Alson and her hunter friends. 

Where to Watch Cocaine Bear?

The action comedy starring Ray Liotta and directed by Elizabeth Banks is a cynically fascinating movie. Since Friday, theatres have been playing the movie. If someone wants to watch it locally, check out Fandango. Cocaine Bears is available on various online platforms like Youtube and pirated websites. Vudu, Amazon, Peacock, and Apple will make the streaming available to their subscribers later. 


What's the cast of Cocaine Bear?


Ray Liotta


Keri Russell

Keri Russell

Scott Seiss


O’Shea Jackson Jr. 


Kristofer Hivju

Kristofer Hivju

Alden Ehrenreich 

Eddie Dentwood 

Christian Covery


Margo Martindale 



Is Cocaine Bear available on Netflix and HBO Max?

No, it’s not available on HBO Max. This horror-comical movie isn’t under Warner Bros. Hence it has to follow the 45-day window before getting released. Likewise, it’s not available on Netflix shortly. 

Did Cocaine bear kill anyone?

In the film, the director has taken some liberty and killed some people. In the movie, the Cocaine Bear ran wild after ingesting cocaine packets. In contrast, the actual events of the bear in the 1980s are unknown after it ate a massive amount of cocaine.

How much Cocaine did the bear eat?

The bear ate 40 packets of cocaine. 


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