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The Kardashian Misstep


A telltale sign that a famous person is losing their power or influence can be observed through their behavior on Instagram or other social media networks. If they frequently post pictures of themselves engaging in everyday activities and receive a substantial number of likes, it demonstrates that they still hold a strong position and have no reason to be concerned. 


On the contrary, if they constantly engage in promotions that are not particularly ethical, such as Instagram giveaways or other desperate attempts, it serves as an indication that the famous person is no longer at the same level of prominence as they used to be. 


There is discussion surrounding Kylie Jenner's use of Instagram giveaways. Some feel it is an attempt by the influencer to regain her lost followers after publicly criticizing the beloved, Selena Gomez. It has also led her fans to contemplate the ethical implications of such giveaways on Instagram.


Fake Followers

Instagram giveaways are often ineffective in gaining loyal and long-lasting followers because most participants only care about the prizes. These followers, who are more interested in what an influencer can give them than their actual content, will unfollow once the giveaway is over. The satisfaction you seek from these followers may be fleeting. 


Instead, it is more beneficial to host giveaways that align with the specific type of content or project one may provide. For instance, as a makeup artist, hosting giveaways related to makeup would attract individuals who are genuinely interested in the content being offered. By targeting a specific audience, you increase the likelihood of gaining followers who will engage with your content beyond the giveaway period.


The Kardashian Shift

Ongoing discussions and theories surround the Kardashian family, particularly regarding their popularity and how long it will endure. While they initially gained fame through their reality TV show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," their money-making tactics have shifted toward social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. They actively engage with their followers by hiring social media managers and staying active. 


Recently, Kylie Jenner, one of the Kardashians, shared a giveaway on her Instagram with a photo of her sitting on her stairwell, surrounded by expensive bags that any average person would dream of carrying. This action has sparked speculation over whether the giveaway indicates a decline in her influence, and whether she's making desperate attempts to jumpstart her Instagram popularity or not. 


People question why someone like Kylie Jenner, who is already immensely successful, would feel the need to further enhance her image with a giveaway. This move is speculated to be tied to the backlash she received for criticizing Selena Gomez, the popular pop star. The reaction caused her to lose around one million followers. The sudden giveaway post may appear out of place and potentially damage the brand image of a wealthy socialite like Kylie Jenner.


The K Brand

The Kardashians often make money through collaborations with brands that pay to be featured in their giveaways. Therefore, if they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on prizes, they will probably make millions on advertisements. Theories are circulating online, suggesting that the giveaways organized by Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians never actually find a winner, or that they selectively choose acquaintances or generate fake accounts. 


Although, without concrete evidence, it is unfair to assume that their giveaways are dishonest or unethical, researchers have struggled to contact real winners of these giveaways and many have come forward publicly online.


Given the high level of scrutiny surrounding the Kardashian business tactics, it is understandable that such theories may arise. Perhaps the best way for Kylie Jenner to fix her already tarnished name is through seemingly unethical business practices.

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