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The Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Album Drops of June

#3- Almighty So 2 by Chief Keef


The Chicago rapper, Chief Keef, is set to release his fifth studio album, “Almighty So 2,” a sequel to his 2013 album, released on June 9th, according to hip hop account, Kurrco. The album was initially announced in October 2022m along with a song from the album, "Racks Stuffed Inna Couch" and "Tony Montana Flow," which was released a few months prior. 


Fans say that the released songs follow the same, "red-hot, freewheeling steel" as the rest of his iconic discography. He is known for his drill style with narratives of the drugs and violence he experienced in the inner city of Chicago. Although Chief Keef has fully made a name for himself through his sound, his fame is partially accredited to Kanye West, who remixed one of his tracks in 2012 and raised his recognition. 


Unfortunately, the release date has already been delayed twice from the original date of December 16, 2022.


#2- The Party Never Ends by Juice Wrld


Emo-rapper, Juice Wrld, is set to release his third posthumous album, “The Party Never Ends” after his label, Grade A Productions, owned by Lil Bibby, created two more studio albums under his name, “Goodbye & Good Riddance” and “Death Race for Love.” 


It is rumored that Juice has about 2,000 unreleased songs, although, many say this will be his last album as, “The Party Never Ends” wraps up the trilogy. The album was initially announced on July 8, 2021, and in classic Lil Bibby fashion, the release date has been changed many times, leaving fans unsure of when it will be available. It was further postponed when Lil Bibby and other collaborators became frustrated with fans for leaking the tracklist. However, the project left the hands of Grade A Productions as Juice Wrld's discography was rumored to be sold to Opus Music Group, who announced a release on March 13th. However, we are still left with no album and rumors of a drop in June. 


#1- Utopia by Travis Scott


Houston-born artist and producer, Travis Scott, is set to release his highly anticipated album post-June. His last release was a compilation album entitled, “JackBoys.” The album has been teased for the last three years and was named in an Instagram post by Scott with the caption, "Utopia." 


Additionally, on the second anniversary of his most beloved album, “Astroworld,” he wrote to his fans on Twitter to thank them and say, "Let's keep the ride going, see you in Utopia." Travis Scott started recording the album back in 2019.  He claims that it will be a new sound for him as he works with other creatives on the development of the album, saying it ventures into the genre of "psychedelic rock." 


The official release date has yet to be set but Scott has released teasers and snippets of songs that fans expect to be on the new project. To honor his roots in Houston, he played the album for the Houston Astros before a hometown game against the Chicago Cubs. He said to the cameraman, "Had to get 'em right for the game…welcome to space city!" 


After that night, the Astros went on an eight-game winning streak. Let's just say, fans have high expectations for this album.

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