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The Return of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret has announced that their famous fashion show is set to make a return in 2023, after being on hiatus since 2019. However, the announcement has been met with mixed feelings from the public. Some are excited to see the return of the show, while others are hesitant due to concerns about the brand's representation of women and outdated beauty standards.

For years, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was a highly anticipated event, featuring top models and musical performances. However, as the years went on, criticism of the brand's narrow representation of beauty and lack of inclusivity grew. In 2018, Ed Razek, the Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria's Secret's parent company, made controversial comments about the show's lack of plus-size and transgender models. This led to backlash from customers and models alike, and the 2019 show was eventually cancelled.

Now, with the announcement of a "new version" of the fashion show, Victoria's Secret is attempting to address these concerns and make the show more inclusive. The brand has hired a new team of advisors, including Amanda de Cadenet and Megan Rapinoe, to help guide the show's direction and ensure that it represents a diverse range of women.

While some people are optimistic about these changes, others remain skeptical. Many argue that the brand's history of promoting a narrow, unrealistic beauty standard cannot be undone with a few changes to the fashion show. Others point out that Victoria's Secret's sales have been declining in recent years, and that the decision to bring back the show may be more of a business move than a genuine attempt to be more inclusive.

Regardless of people's opinions on the matter, it is clear that Victoria's Secret will have to tread carefully with the return of their fashion show. The brand will need to make significant changes to their overall messaging and marketing strategies in order to truly become a more inclusive and representative brand. However, the return of the show could also be an opportunity for the brand to showcase a wider range of models and promote a more positive message to their audience.

In conclusion, the announcement of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's return in 2023 as a "new version" has sparked mixed feelings among the public. While some are optimistic about the brand's attempts to be more inclusive, others remain hesitant due to the brand's history of promoting narrow beauty standards. Ultimately, the success of the fashion show will depend on the brand's ability to truly make significant changes and promote a more positive message to their audience.

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