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The Strike Has Officially Ended

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The Strike Has Officially Ended


Richard Watts

November 10, 2023


After 118 days of fighting for increased wages, health benefits, and the removal of artificial intelligence, the SAG-AFTRA Strike has officially come to an end. In a historic deal, the Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers (AMPTP) finally budged in contract negotiations offering the most lucrative deal in Hollywood history. The new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) offers wage protections for not only actors but writers and directors as well.

In a unanimous vote, the actors approved the new deal with resounding joy as the end of the strike marked the continuance of business as usual. The deal not only results in immediate benefits but a promise of a better future. Actors will reportedly receive a 7% wage increase while writers and directors will receive a 5% increase. The new CBA also includes a “streaming participation bonus” for actors whose work can be seen on streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO MAX, Prime, Peacock, etc. The CBA has been restructured to increase health benefits and pension programs. By the end of the CBA, union members will have seen an overall financial influx totaling more than $1 billion. This massive win for the actors can now put union members at ease.

The 117 days before this historic deal had several ups and downs. Union members were frustrated over a lack of progress. So much so that some top performers tried to compile a deal within the union that would require top performers to pay an increased amount of member dues to formulate an excess sum of money. The proposal by George Clooney and others planned to grow an estimated $150 million for the union. The proposal wasn't even considered by Union President, Fran Drescher, who stated she was more worried about securing a new CBA. Negotiations stalled for two weeks after the AMPTP left the table in early October. It’s safe to say the new deal has put a lot of minds at ease.

According to an article by Variety, union member Sean Astin said “Their sacrifice worked… People have put so much of themselves. The toll it takes is real. The level of emotion is impossible to overstate.” As the actors, writers, and directors resume work, an increase in box office numbers is sure to follow. The strike took away many of the world’s top performers and their return to the silver screen will be met with a standing ovation.

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