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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2: Fan Obsession Over the Messy Love Triangle

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" (TSITP) is a young adult novel by Jenny Han. The book-turned-Prime Video television series, TSITP, is back this summer for season 2, and the love triangle continues. The show focuses on a teenage girl named Belly, who spends her summers with her family and friends at a beach house in Cousins, Massachusetts. Belly's coming-of-age journey revolves around her relationships with two brothers: Jeremiah and Conrad Fisher.

The show has gained major popularity within the last two summers as viewers can relate to Belly's messy yet passionate love life. As she navigates her feelings for both boys, she learns more about herself and the complexities of love. The plot delves into the dynamics between the characters, their secrets, and the impact of their choices.

Why do fans find themselves having an emotional attachment to the show? Nonother than your typical love triangle. The question of the summer: Team Conrad or Team Jerimiah?

A love triangle typically refers to a romantic situation involving three individuals, where one is romantically or emotionally involved with two others who are also interested in them. Love triangles are a common trope in media and real-life relationships, often adding drama and tension to the storyline. Love triangles can create a sense of conflict and emotional turmoil. People are often drawn to love triangles in stories because they evoke strong emotions and develop the performance of suspense.

Acting as the person in the middle, Belly feels torn between her platonic relationship with Jerimiah and her deep emotional feelings for his older brother Conrad. Love triangles also often generate jealousy and rivalry. In the case of TSITP, Jeremiah feels betrayed and hurt because Belly not only picked his brother but was not there for him when their mother, Susana, passed away. As a result, Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah had their loyalties tested. Also, friends or family members may be affected. For instance, Belly leaned on Susana for advice she no longer has, Belly asked her best friend Taylor to cover her lies for her, and Belly's brother, Stephen, was left without his two best friends due to his sister's messy love triangle.

Finally, fans love TSITP due to the extremely popular soundtrack that amplifies the drama. Mainly featuring Taylor Swift, TSITP allows "swifties," or fans of Taylor Swift, to become more involved in the show. According to the author, incorporating Taylor Swift's music into season 1 was one of her favorite additions. "But that was the most joyous part for me was able to give the fans that gift [of Taylor Swift's music] because I knew what it would mean to them as well."

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