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What is next for women in Hollywood?

The culture of film sets has started to become more receptive to women in recent years, and for good reason. 


Going back decades, Hollywood has had instances of widespread misogyny and abusive behaviour toward women. This culture of patriarchy and several high-profile cases of sexual abuse against women led to the “Me Too” movement and a reckoning with Hollywood’s part to play in perpetuating the global issue of misogyny and sexism.


But how much has really changed, and how do these attitudes manifest themselves? There have been countless instances of women’s concerns being dismissed, and their preferences not listened to, due to a power imbalance. This stems from an industry that, like many others, has institutional sexism. Women are much less likely to rise to the top and make decisions. Whether a film is X-rated or not, potential commercial success can sometimes dictate decisions made by directors and create a toxic environment for women.


Although this environment is improving, the fact that the following incident occurred in 2022: Lights! Camera! Infraction! Mad Max shows why Hollywood indulges bad behaviour | Film | The Guardian shows that the industry still has a way to go. 


Even this week, Julia Roberts in an interview with British Vogue came out and said that she has purposely chosen not to do nude scenes throughout her film career, spanning 35 years. Questions need to be asked as to why stars like her weren’t listened to, and why she has had to fight for certain scenes to be altered, or outfits to be changed. It is important that young film stars now have more of a say in what they are doing.


Filmmakers are still mostly men, and women are underrepresented in the industry even though the highest grossing was directed by a woman and the lead actor was a woman. Not just any women, Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie. Female script writers, directors and crew need to be encouraged still. The male gaze is still well and truly alive in Hollywood. The culture is shifting, but is it shifting fast enough?   




Edited By: Josh Reidelbach

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