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What is the status of Andrew Tate's house arrest?

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Contentious influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan moved into house arrest following a ruling of a Romanian judge. Following his arrest for human trafficking, rape, and gang crimes, Andrew Tate was held under arrest. 


Tate was arrested in December along with his brother Tristan and two associates, Luana Radu, and Georgiana Naghel. The group faced custody in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. On Friday, all four won an appeal and were moved to house arrest until April 29. 


Andrew Tate is a British American social media influencer, former kickboxer, and entrepreneur with a huge fanbase. Tate rose to fame through the British reality show Big Brother and is notorious for misogynistic remarks.    


Once, the 36 years old TikTok personality remarked that a woman is a man’s property and poses as a help guru to the young boys. 


The fans of Tate were pouring into the area while he was being released. A spokesperson of Tate told BBC that the brothers were ‘ecstatic’ about their release. After shifting to their home, Tate could no longer abstain from posting a video on his TikTok account while smoking a cigar. 


After his release, he told his fans he got “freedom at last. It's a little bit emotional. I  have been in one room since last year, so it’s a little bit emotional.”


Furthermore, he denied all the allegations remarking, “I believe in God. And I think that the fire of truth will eventually destroy all lies.  And anybody who lies for a long enough time frame will feel the sting of regret…I truly believe that justice will be served in the end.” 


According to Andrew Tate, there is zero chance he will be found guilty because he has not done anything wrong. As a result of listening attentively, Tate has "absolute respect" for them. Meanwhile, he also admitted that he has “no resentment” in his heart for anyone or Romania. 

Tate brothers’ lawyers argued that keeping them in custody without solid evidence is quite harsh. The lawyers posed for house custody as no charges have been brought against them. 

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