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What To Do On Valentine's Day If You're In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Valentine's Day can be stressful for couples who are far apart from one another, but here you can read about plenty of ways to have a fun date night virtually.




Being far away from your partner is a brutal struggle to have, especially on Valentine’s Day. It is easy to feel heartsore about not getting that candlelit dinner or cute night out. But having a long-distance relationship (LDR) doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this special day together. This can be a great excuse to try out all the online activities the web offers. 

Currently, about 14 million people are in a long-distance relationship, which is about 1 in 7 people in the U.S. alone, and about 31% of them have the end plan of closing the distance. However, many couples have to find a way to make time while this happens, and they have to be creative about it as well.

One of the few positives the COVID-19 pandemic brought was the option to make most things a virtual experience, so give those long phone calls and Facetime sessions a spin and have some fun with these delightful online experiences: 

Escape Room Challenge

Escape rooms were a big hit on date nights before social distancing, and working together to solve puzzles and share clues brought couples closer than ever. Now, why not apply this dynamic to your LDR? Try out The Escape Game Remote Adventures, a Zoom 60-minute challenge where you have access to a 360-degree scan of the room, a live host, and a digital dashboard that keeps track of your progress. The cost is $30 per person and can support up to 10 players.

Picture from Remote Adventures

Similarly, Puzzle Break presents The Grimm Escape, which takes place in an enchanted forest where you’ll have to crack the code and solve riddles to escape a witch’s curse. You can book your room in advance, and the fee is $25 per person. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for free experiences, try out the fan-made versions of all-time favorites like
Unlock Disney World, a fun Google Slides challenge, or the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, created by Peters Township Library. Other versions of Google Forms escape rooms, such as the Minecraft-themed brainteaser or this Aquarium Mystery.


Game Night

Remember when Among Us was a thing? Try bringing back those fun times and invite your partner to join a lobby. Hey, you can even FaceTime or Google Meet while playing. Or bring out your artistic abilities and play an online version of Pictionary with Skribbl, a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. 

What’s more, you can relive a few childhood favorites by reviving your old Habbo character or, if you're feeling nostalgic, by signing up for New Club Penguin and designing a penguin together. 

Furthermore, you can spice up date night with a game of Hot Truth or Dare or an intimate session with The New York Times’s 36 Questions that Lead to Love, an experiment proven to help people get closer to each other. You can even incorporate a glass of your favorite wine into the activity.


Virtual Museum Tour 

Van Gogh Museum Virtual Tour

Going to a museum is always a romantic option; looking at art together and even making up fun stories about certain pieces before knowing what it is about is all part of the dating experience. So let’s apply that to the virtual realm and go check out museums from around the world.

Thanks to Google Arts Culture, you can check out three rooms filled with the works of one of the most famous impressionist painters in the Van Gogh Museum; you can also tour a space at Los Angeles’s famous Getty Museum or scope out the best rooms in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for your next in-person meet.

You can also head to the Smithsonian’s web page and move through the 360-degree room-by-room tour of every exhibit in the museum. Further, if you're a fan of Vatican history, check out their 360-degree room views, including the Sistine Chapel.


Theme Park Experience

If you want to have a theme park fun day or even plan for your next vacation together,  you can have a date at the Walt Disney World Resort, take a tour through their famous locations through Google Street View like the Magic Kingdom, Pandora, and Epcot, to name a few. Also, you can enjoy the most famous rides with no lines and no wait!

Additionally, if you're a LEGO fan, consider taking a tour of the LEGOLAND Florida Resort and checking out the 360-degree views of LEGO Kingdoms; you can even ride the coaster in VR. 


On the whole, whichever date plan you choose, remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun and feel closer to one another, even if you’re miles apart. What matters is the sentiment of making the best out of the current circumstances. Don’t let distance cast a gloom upon your Valentine’s Day.

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