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Why Miley Cyrus’ Grammy Win is so Important

Miley Cyrus is certainly a household name, having first shot to fame on the incredibly popular Disney Channel show ‘Hannah Montana’ as a pop star living a double life. But despite making music since the humble age of 14, the 31-year-old had somehow remained unsuccessful at the Grammys throughout her phenomenal career until this year.


While she is most famous for her work in the hit show, her other accolades include a brief stint as a judge on ‘The Voice (America)’, popular movies like ‘So Undercover’, and top albums including ‘Plastic Hearts’ and ‘Younger Now’.


The singer/actress has several pop hits, including The Climb, Midnight Sky, Party in the U.S.A, and more across her incredible career of six number one albums and five sold-out world tours. Over her many years of work in the industry, Cyrus had accumulated six Grammy nominations, but somehow none had translated into an award.


While this was indeed a commentary on the high calibre of pop music and competition in the field at the time, it did have its effects on the singer who has been through years of public family feuds, substance abuse issues, and mental health disorders.


2024 proved to be Miley’s year however, as she finally won her first (and second!) Grammy for her record-breaking hit ‘Flowers’, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two months and broke Spotify’s record for most streams in seven days with over 100 million listens. The artist was the recipient of both ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’ at the 66th edition of the award ceremony.


But why is this win so important?


Well, Miley stands for a crucial cause - the hope that child stars can overcome the consequences of being exposed to the public eye too soon. People who have risen to stardom too young have famously had a plethora of issues, be it Justin Bieber, Macaulay Culkin (aka the kid from Home Alone), or any of the millions of other celebrities we’ve seen grow up on our big and small screens.


Miley was first caught doing drugs in a scandalous video leaked when she was 18, and she has since walked the path of substance abuse for many years. Having publicly shared a love for marijuana, Miley has also been associated with Ayahuasca, a psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug. She has additionally admitted to being an alcoholic but claims to be sober since soon after the first Covid-19 lockdown.


The singer has also faced many a family scandal in the spotlight, including her parents’ hostile split, a very public on-and-off relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth that ended in a brutal divorce, and most recently, her father’s new relationship with a woman 27 years his junior that resulted in Miley breaking ties with him.


But Miley has persevered not just through the multitude of vices and the poor mental health, but also through unending hate and judgment from the public for admittedly poor decisions (such as the infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video), and it has all amounted to this long-awaited moment in her otherwise incredibly successful career.


On February 4, 2024, Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy after 17 years of making music. This award isn’t just for her, but rather it is for the millions of young kids around the world who are struggling with similar issues, particularly the ones in the spotlight. She has proven to be an inspiration for others facing similar struggles.


Cyrus adorably ad-libbed the lyrics to ‘Flowers’ when she performed at the Grammys, changing ‘Started to cry, but then remembered I / I can buy myself flowers’ to ‘Started to cry but then remembered – I just won my first Grammy!’, emphasizing just how special this win is to her.


In addition, things are also looking up in her personal life, as she has found peace in her sobriety, and love with drummer Maxx Morando (from rock band Liily), claiming to be the ‘happiest she’s been in a long time’. If Miley can do it, so can every other person like her.


Our beloved Hannah Montana turned pop sensation has thus stormed past the curse of the child star, broken out of her restraints, and more than proven to the world what she is capable of.


Fans of hers can look forward to the promise of new music, as Miley’s mum let slip that she already has songs in the works, although there has been no talk of a release date, let alone an official statement from her or her team.


However, she does not intend to go on tour anytime soon, as she feels it isn’t what is best for her at the moment.


Nevertheless, her fans certainly can’t wait to see what she does next, and we ardently hope many more Grammy wins are in her future.

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