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Are we running out of our resources?

In today’s world, with so much development around us, we have forgotten to take care of the availability of resources. Our renewable and non-renewable resources are getting depleted.

Usable Water, Oil, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuels, and Coal- will get run out very soon from our Earth if we do not switch to other alternatives on time.

With the Earth-facing Global Environment issues, we should be very serious about our resources. Are we running out of our resources? If yes, what steps should we take to make everyone aware of those solutions?

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

There are two types of resources around us- Renewable and No-Renewable resources.

Renewable resources are those which cannot get depleted from the Earth. They are sunlight, wind, and water.

Non- Renewable resources are those which have a limited period. It will get depleted over the time with the increase in demand. Examples are Fossil fuels like Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas, and rare minerals.

Difference between Renewable and Non- Renewable resource

What will happen if our resources run out?

It is high time now we should look at the concerns of Global Issues in the world. Whether it is depletion of resources, overpopulation, Global warming, or the end of humanity, we should start looking at the solutions to overcome these challenges so that the world remains for a few more years with life and light.

Let’s see what the causes of the depletion of our resources are:

1. One of the causes is Overpopulation. Experts have calculated that there are 7 billion people already on Earth. They estimated that our Earth could adjust with 10 billion people.

2. Imbalance in the Ecosystem like Destruction and Deforestation, loss of forests, greenery, and fertility of the soil.

3. Overconsumption and wastage.

4. Mining and Quarrying.

5. Pollution, Unclean, Unhygienic Environment.

Above are the concerns for the depletion of our resources. In my view, we can overcome these challenges, and slowly is possible for all of us to make the Earth a better environment to live in. But for this, people worldwide should be confident and determined to help each other to make it possible.

As we know, many resources are in danger level of getting depleted. Let’s have a closer look at what resources are running out:


Experts have calculated that by 2040, major developing countries will face a scarcity of usable water. As we know, 70% of Earth is covered with salt water is not helpful for us. The freshwater we get is in the form of ice and snow from the Himalayas, which is available in small amounts on the Earth.

Fossil Fuels

1. Natural Gas: In another 50 or 60 years, natural gas will serve humanity on Earth.

2. Coal: It is a non-renewable resource and also a fossil fuel that is used very much all over the world. Estimate says that we will have Coal for another 188 years, but if not used wisely due to overdemand, it will run out quickly.

3. Oil: Nearly 188 million tons of oil are left on our Earth to be transported to different locations in the world, or if demand increases, then in the next 47 years, the oil will run out from our Earth.


Many people living in coastal areas and fishing companies complained of declining fish in the sea, especially Tuna fish. Due to overfishing, many coastlines are experiencing the extinction of fish.


It is used as fertilizer for plants to help them grow. Scientists have calculated that by 2030, this rare mineral will run out. This mineral is not only used as fertilizers for plants but also for aquatic animals and plants and algae growth control.

These are some of the resources which are reaching their dangerous level of depletion from the Earth. Many other resources will run out from Earth if we do not use the resources around us wisely.

How Global Warming affects the resources?

With the present scenario of many environmental issues, some people will say it is better to look after the issue of global warming, or some will say to take care of the resource. Both are important in its way.

Global warming, such as pollution and climate change, harms many animals on land and water.

It is affecting the ozone layer and causing the heat to increase daily. Carbon dioxide is too much, considered the highest level in the world.

Many countries have started using the alternatives like solar, wind, and hydro energy are sustainable and will not get depleted for another billion years.

But, renewable resource is not used like we use Fossil fuels because the cost of extracting fossil fuels are much cheaper than the extraction from renewable resources.

Developed countries can afford the cost, but it is difficult for developing countries to afford the prices.

Some experts say that our Earth's resources will not reach scarcity. As technology and developments increase, eventually, it will become more expensive, and extraction will become less convenient.

In my view, both Global warming and Resource protection is a concerns globally. Both are parallelly related to each other. If the environmental changes are going smoothly without hindrance, our resources will be maintained. If the demand for everything is supported, then there will be no harm to the environment. The rate of consumption is limited; then the wastage also get decreases.


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