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Heatwave or Climate Change?

From barbecues to swimming, many of us have been enjoying the warmer weather. It’s British culture to go to your local beer garden and relax in the sunshine.  Heatwaves can be undeniably enjoyable but is climate change playing a role? Numerous environmental specialists seem to think so.

Heatwaves are caused when high pressure develops across an area. The Met Office’s chief meteorologist, Paul Davies, says  “heatwaves may become more of a frequent event” with climate change playing a large role. 

The Met Office has issued the first red extreme heat warning for the first time and Dr Nikos Christidis (a Climate attribution scientist) states, “The chances of seeing 40°C days in the UK are potentially 10 times more likely in the current climate."

The Climate Action Tracker  suggests that the world is on track for 2.4C global warming. This may not seem like a lot but even a 1C warming could increase droughts, less chances of water availability and extreme precipitation (facts provided by NASA)

However, this could be a correlation. Climate change is impacted by lots of different things such as loss of species, poverty, and more natural disasters. Nevertheless, we have a role to play when it comes to looking after our environment. 


What can you do to help climate change?

Change your home's source of energy.  Switch resources from oil, coal and gas to wind or alternative energy.

The infamous 4 R’s. Reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle. Consume less items and buy second hand clothes. 

Save energy at home. Switch to energy-efficient electric appliances and light bulbs. Throw away less food. Composting waste is a great way to recycle food and has great benefits for the environment. 

Cut back on travelling by aeroplanes. Did you know that emissions from aviation contribute twice as much to global warming as non-CO2 effects?

Write to your local politicians. 







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