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Natural Disaster in Brazil

The Cyclone


A cyclone in southern Brazil killed 21 people, left hundreds missing and homeless, and caused the worst-ever weather disaster in the Rio Grande do Sul state.


In the Rio Grande do Sul there have been 21 deaths and 1 death confirmed in Santa Catarina. The storm battered approximately 60 cities, but the number of devastations is ever-increasing in the recovery of southern Brazil.


Eduardo Leite, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, has commented: “I would like to express my solidarity with the population of Rio Grande do Sul, which is experiencing the heavy rains that have already caused the death of at least four people.”


Of the 21 deaths, one of these people was a woman killed by the disaster whilst attempting to rescue others. Leite has stated "I regret the death of a woman in a rescue attempt over the Taquari river [...] the wire broke, she and a rescuer fell. Unfortunately, the woman did not survive, and the rescuer is seriously injured."


Climate Change


Leite has described this as the worst-ever weather disaster in the Rio Grande do Sul state, remarking that Monday’s flooding marks the state’s highest death toll ever from a climate-related event.


The storm has been classified as an extratropical cyclone: characterised by low pressure with weather fronts that can produce severe thunderstorms and rainfall.


Tuesday's cyclone is the most recent of multiple extreme weather events in Brazil caused by climate change. Southern Brazil was previously hit by another extratropical cyclone in June, killing 13 people and leaving thousands homeless. In February, torrential rainfall caused landslides and flooding, killing at least 65 people in Sao Paulo.


Impact on Brazil


Estimates for the number of people forced from their homes vary. The Associated Press estimates 1,650 have been displaced, while the news agency AFP cited a higher statistic: 3,700.


The impact on Brazil is tragic and will require extensive measures to recover the south of Brazil from this tragedy. With overflowing rivers, flooded streets, thousands left homeless, and an increasing death toll since Monday night, to help the public through this tragedy, Leite has stated, “We will do everything to help the Gaucha population through this moment.”



Edited by: Anwen Venn


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