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Threads of Transformation: Fashion Revolution Takes Center Stage at British Textile Biennial 2023

Fashion Revolution has made its mark at the British Textile Biennial 2023 with the "How to be a Fashion Revolutionary" exhibition, open to the public at the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum from September 29th to October 29th. 

The exhibition serves as a powerful reminder of the environmental and human challenges within the fashion industry and aims to inspire visitors to take action.

The Museum located in East Lancashire provides an ideal backdrop for this exhibition, with the region's historical significance in the global textile industry. The British Textile Biennial 2023 program emphasizes how East Lancashire was transformed during the Industrial Revolution into a hub of fast fashion, perpetuating unsustainable practices that continue today.

"How to be a Fashion Revolutionary" invites visitors to delve into the Fashion Revolution archives, drawing from nine years of campaigning for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. The exhibition features a diverse range of materials, including archival Zine covers, poems, and illustrations that highlight the industry's problems and propose creative solutions.

One of the exhibition's unique features is its global perspective. It proudly showcases artwork designed or commissioned by Fashion Revolution teams in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Singapore, providing a worldwide view of fashion activism and resistance. This inclusive approach aims to engage and inspire new audiences in their fashion activism journeys.

A key element of the exhibition is a video montage illustrating the evolution of the Fashion Revolution into a global movement spanning 75 countries. It demonstrates the organization's growth and impact in mobilizing citizens, industry, and policymakers for a more sustainable fashion future.

Visitors can also participate in an interactive conversation map that encourages them to respond to questions posed throughout the exhibition. Developed by Talk Climate Change for Fashion Revolution Week 2023, the Fashion Revolution Map serves as a global forum for fashion activists worldwide to exchange knowledge, inspiration, and ideas for change. During the exhibition, it will facilitate conversations within the local community and capture the responses of newly initiated Fashion Revolutionaries.

Mel Watt, Digital Communications Manager at Fashion Revolution, said, "How to be a Fashion Revolutionary is based on the delightfully simple premise that anyone can be a Fashion Revolutionary. It starts with being curious, finding out, and doing something, and this exhibition will guide you on your journey to action."

The British Textile Biennial 2023, taking place across Eastern Lancashire, recognizes the need to address the unsustainable practices of the textile industry and encourages visitors to collectively reimagine a fashion industry that is clean, safe, fair, transparent, and accountable.

In addition to the exhibition, the British Textile Biennial will host a series of workshops and events throughout October, further engaging the community in discussions about the future of textiles and fashion.

About Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is the world's largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, industry, and policymakers through research, education, and advocacy work. It operates globally across 75 countries, advocating for a fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment while valuing people over growth and profit.

About the British Textile Biennial 2023

The British Textile Biennial celebrates the creativity, innovation, and expression in textiles, set against the backdrop of the cotton industry's historical significance in Pennine Lancashire. The third edition of the British Textile Biennial explores the journey of fibers and fabrics across continents and centuries to and from the north of England through various commissions and exhibitions.


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