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UN Alerts Governments of Failing Plans to Limit Global Temperatures

Temperatures are set to rise up to 2.9C claims UN Environment Programme (UNEP) despite goals put in place through the Paris Agreement in 2015.


Inger Anderson, UNEP executive director, claims that all states committed “really do need to step up” in order to avoid exceedingly destructive and dangerous impacts climate change will continue to cause.


With only a 14% chance of limiting warming to the goal of 1.5C, the UN has spoken out and is looking for three solid commitments from close to 200 countries in order to start slowing down these irreversible changes.


With this increased warming evident across the globe, scientists have predicted that the world could pass several shattering states of no-return, including the runaway melting of ice sheets, and the Amazon rainforest dying out in addition to further influences.


The Future:


Fear and frustration fill the public as one citizen from the UK questions the “impossible targets”, another adds the government’s failures “to meet the imaginary nonsense targets”.


These comments follow the UK government's delayed efforts in key environmental measures, jeopardising Britain’s ability to meet its climate target. 


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the retreat, arguing that the country “will now have a more pragmatic, proportionate and realistic approach that eases the burden” on citizens in the UK.


UNEP executive director, Inger Anderson, projects positivity in this frightening period by enhancing and implementing new plans stating “we can still get the job done” before time runs out.

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