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Dealing With Stress

Having stress is a part of human life. It is idealistic to consider a life without pressure and monotonous calm living. Stressors push our body to a fight-flight mode which is a cascade of reactions in our body to prepare us to deal with the situation. For instance, our mind becomes more alert, heart rate and blood pressure increase, the digestive system produces more glucose, and muscles use more glucose. All of these responses affect our mental and body health.

Stress and obesity are related to each other. As scientists point out, stressful conditions can make different changes in the human body and cause obesity. These changes include; the secretion of hormones that are responsible for the storage of lipids, promoting overeating, and changing normal bacteria in the gut.

Researchers link poor sleep quality with stressful conditions. As mentioned earlier, one reaction of our body to tense situations increases the alertness level of our mind, which is against sleeping.

Stress induces anxiety and disturbs mental health. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorders are examples of mental diseases connected to living stressful or experiencing an acute tense situation.

Although we all know the harmful effects of stress on our mental and physical health, we do not know how to manage it or deal with it. There are always external resources to push pressure on human life. Maybe some tips can change our vision and solve some parts of this hazard internally.

Allocating some part of your time to yourself is the first solution. It would help if you had a specific time to relax and enjoy self-satisfying activities. Being kind and generous about your mind and body increases your productivity at work.

Another tip is to ask for help from others in some worrying situations. The other can support us in different ways. Occasionally a problem is not as worse as you think. Overthinking solitude may magnify a simple case. Sometimes you do not have any experience or ability to solve it, but others can, and they help you. Do not be ashamed to ask for help from others.

When you experience tension, do not forget your physical health. Any physical problem may be a tension in the future. This vicious cycle of a stressor impacts the body by decreasing sleep quality, overeating, and motivating consuming more alcohol and tobacco. After a while, the body gets damaged, and physical disorders are new stressors. Being aware of this cycle, doing regular exercise, sleeping enough, avoiding eating junk foods, and using alcohol and tobacco help you overcome this cycle.

Practicing mindfulness is proved to decrease stress. Meditation, yoga, and some relaxing actions help you unwind your body and mind. Restoring energy and improving mood are some effects of meditation on health.

Sometimes it is essential to avoid the source of stressors. For example, listening to stressful news and watching different channels are the source of unconscious concern. Keeping yourself from these unnecessary sources is helpful. All individuals cannot cope with such information or solve any problem far away from them. Some news is like an unsolved stressor for them.

All these pieces of advice might persuade us to deal with a stressful situation, sometimes the external resource is solved but the uncomfortable feelings remain. In this condition, the word stress changes to anxiety. Anxiety is the same feeling as stress without any reason. If you are in such a condition for a long time and cannot handle it, maybe it is better to ask for help from a therapist or psychologist.





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