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How To “Cure” A Hangover

As students are heading into university or coming back, fresher’s week is in full swing all around the UK. Freshers' week usually consists of attending nightclubs and events that include drinking. 

Most people attending fresher’s week events will drink, and I am sure you all will have the best time. However, there is always regret in the morning when you feel extremely unwell with a hangover trying to remember what happened the night before. 

There is not a person who has not had this experience. According to drinkaware.co.uk, here are a few facts and tips to help you get through a hangover. Hangovers vary from person to person but usually involve symptoms such as headaches, nausea, tiredness, and dehydration. These are one of the leading causes of your hangover symptoms. This can leave you struggling to concentrate, sensitive to light, and spending your day in bed all day. 

Here are a few tips and tricks from drinkaware.co.uk that can help you prevent a hangover: 

 ● Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach, as this does increase the risk of experiencing a bad hangover. Food helps slow down the rate your body absorbs alcohol.

● You are advised to try to avoid engaging in rounds. This makes it harder to control how much you drink.

● Drink plenty of water between alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration which is one of the major causes of a hangover.

● Additionally, they recommend drinking plenty of water before sleep and keeping a glass by your bed for the following morning, when you will definitely need it.

Now, there is no treatment for a hangover since if you have been drinking, you will have to deal with it the next morning. Hence, the only hangover cure is prevention or drinking moderately. However, the best step to take when you are feeling practically ill is to drink plenty of water and take painkillers or antacids to settle your stomach. 

Freshers’ week is in full swing. It is necessary for students to have fun as well as be safe. University days will fly by, and soon you will be missing them.


For more details, go to: https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/

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