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Masturbation From the Perspective of Health Science

There are a variety of viewpoints about masturbation. Many religions consider it a sin, and the people doing this action are guilty. Some ancient stories are about it; they also named it a non-reproductive sexual activity, which is disagreeable. There is not any specific logical reason for this disapproval, but it is a general belief to judge it negatively. In a survey, all girls who masturbate think it can harm their health and productivity. A view can change over time, and science plays an active role here. What is the scientific attitude about masturbation, and what reasons create this attitude? These are the primary concern of this article.

In contrast with all popular viewpoints, health experts believe that masturbation is a natural and normal part of sexual development in humans. It can decrease the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. That is why it is named safe sexual behavior.
Maybe ancient stories are correct about considering it a non-procreative activity. But this reason is not reasonable to conclude it is an obscene activity. Conversely, scientists rely on research and this non-productivity property and believe it reduces unwanted pregnancy rates.

In contrast, to the popular notion that masturbation can cause weakness, eye problems, and sexual dysfunction, research shows it is related to none of these symptoms or diseases. Some data announce that more ejaculation times which masturbation is directly a part of it, decreases the risk of prostate cancer, but more analysis needs to be confirmed.

People who masturbate have a better view of their bodies and know how to experience orgasm in their relationship. In addition, they have more awareness of their fantasies. All this knowledge helps them to have more orgasms in the other kind of sexual activities.

Some scientists think it is not only normal but also can be used to deal with sexual dysfunction.

Does it have any limitations?

It has some kind of addiction as well as all other pleasurable activities. If we overeat food or drink more and more water, we will face problems. There is not a specific number of times of masturbation, but there are some limits. That is when masturbation interferes with regular daily activities. It is normal to have this activity besides the relationship, but when it affects the sexual activity throughout the relationship in a harmful manner, it is abnormal.

In conclusion, sexual behavior is a basic need for human beings; how individuals fulfill this desire is different from person to person. Unfortunately, there is not enough education about this activity in the media or educational curriculum. Teenagers do not have reliable resources to learn and know more. They increase their knowledge through listening to their peers or family. Sometimes there are controversies between generations about this specific topic. This controversy makes doubt and sense of being guilty. Having more knowledge in this field and changing some cultural misinterpretations is essential.

Research demonstrates that new generations in some countries are more active in masturbation, and there are differences in this increase in various countries. One reason for these changes might be the act of education and how countries decide to improve their citizen’s awareness.

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