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Mediterranean diet. The only one backed up by research

The Mediterranean diet is popular in countries like Italy, Greece and Croatia.The diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and lean proteins as well as healthy fats. This is the only diet backed up by research with a bedrock of healthy benefits like lower blood pressure, cholesterol and reduced diabetes risk. 

“It isn’t a diet that was cooked up in the mind of some person to generate money. It’s something that was developed over time, by millions of people, because it actually tastes good. And it just happens to be healthy.” Said. Dr. Sean Heffron, a preventive cardiologist at NYU Langone Health.

The Mediterranean diet isn’t restrictive like any other diets. Instead it is a diet that prioritizes whole grains, herbs, spices and olive oil. Mainly consuming Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, sardines and tuna. Occasionally consuming lean protein like chicken or turkey. Red meat and butter aren’t eaten frequently. 

A simple breakfast with this diet might include a smashed avocado toast with fresh fruit and low fat greek yogurt. For bigger meals like lunch or dinner the diet may include. “a vegetable and grain dish cooked with olive oil and seasoned with herbs — roasted root vegetables, leafy greens, a side of hummus and small portions of pasta or whole grain bread, with a lean protein like grilled fish”.Dr. Heffron said

A number of studies have found that those who partake in the diet for up to 12 years. Had less risk of developing cardiovascular diseases due to changes in blood sugar, inflammation and body mass index. “Other studies, in men and women, have reached similar conclusions.” said the New York Times. 

There are many health benefits linked to the diet like conductive weight loss. Since the foods are nutrient rich and the diet prioritizes leaner proteins, vegetables and fruits instead of saturated fats and added sugars that can result in some weight loss said Dr Heffron. 

The only caveat is that you have to stick with the diet for your whole life especially when it comes to a healthy heart. 

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