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Mental health support in Doctors and NHS workers. Is there room for improvement?


Neranjana Elapatha

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an appreciation for Doctors and NHS workers #clappingfortheNHS.

However, the demand and pressure of their profession can lead to drastic mental health.

I interview people in the NHS, asking about the support they receive when feeling vulnerable.

GP Trainee Dr E (Anonymous for Confidentiality) is diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Part of it is due to work-related burnout. However, she claims that her supervisors and workplace support her handling the issue.

“My manager is supportive. She helped me refer me to occupational health, which normally has a long waiting list.”

She claims that there should be more awareness of mental health among NHS workers.

“We are in a difficult job where burnout is really common. It would be good if it is normalised.”

According to Dr E, the primary variable for burnout is shortages in staff which leads to pressure on doctors.

“We are currently taught that we need to be more resilient whilst it may help. However, it is glossing over a greater issue that doctors are expected to deliver excellent service when the system they work is broken.”

Health care assistant Miss F has not had any diagnosis of mental health. However, she claims that she feels supported.

“There was an incident at work. I expressed that the event was traumatic and was referred to an organisation to talk to someone about it.”

Healthcare Assistant Miss F (Anonymous for confidentiality) says that the NHS should increase salaries as the rise in cost stresses many people, and people with families struggle even though they are working.

The rising cost of living can lead to stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Although there is mental health support for NHS workers, there is room for improvement to ensure that workers have the support they need to provide the best service to patients.  



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