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NHS Unveils Bold Plan: Kick the Habit Faster with New Approved Quit-Smoking Pills

Individuals who want to quit the habit of smoking in 2024 are presented with a new nicotine-free option. Studies have shown that cystine pills are twice as efficient as nicotine-based products.


Cystine pills are a plant-based and nicotine-free alternative that will be available from 22 January in the United Kingdom. This plant-based alternative is currently available mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia, which has made a big difference in global health. It is a low-cost drug that can help low and middle-income households that look for nicotine-free replacement therapy. 

According to the Addiction Journal article about the pills, the lead author, Dr. Omar De Santi, stated that “World-wide, smoking is considered the main cause of preventable death. Cystine has the potential to be one of the big answers to that problem.” A study based on 6,000 smokers was conducted, and it found that cystine leads to a faster cessation of smoking compared to other nicotine-related products.


Are there any adverse effects?

If you are a person who usually vapes or smokes, you might be familiar with the long list of adverse effects of them. For people who vape, the adverse effects might include nausea, shortness of breath, and headaches, to name a few, while smokers face a harsher fate with a high risk of heart disease, stroke, or even complications in reproducing for both sexes.


Cystine pills have been found to have mild gastrointestinal symptoms that are temporary and have non-serious adverse effects.


What are the costs?

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCST) announced that Cystine will be temporarily available as a prescription only for NHS patients. The cost of the services should be free, but the cost of 115£ for a 25-day treatment might stop some areas in the United Kingdom from providing this service.


Why is the UK approving the use of Cystine while in the USA it is banned?

The rapid rise of vaping among young people in Britain has risen by 50% in the last year, according to Action on Smoking Health findings. The introduction of Cystine for smoking grown-ups comes as a cry for help and to raise awareness that if parents smoke, their children are more likely to start smoking as well.


The NHS launched their Better Health campaign that encourages smokers to quit this January with the free aid that they provide or even using the free NHS Quit Smoking app that tracks your progress and gives you daily support.



In conclusion, if you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking this January and is looking for a plant-based nicotine-free alternative, it might be useful to guide them to their NHS practitioner to talk about starting the Cystine treatment. Cystine is classified as a natural ingredient from laburnum seeds that have been used for a long time in Eastern Europe and some parts of Asia and has helped people live healthier lives.


Georgiana Jureschi

Date: 08/01/2024


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