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Plastic Surgery Obsession

Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery, whether on your body or face? But perhaps you ultimately changed your mind, fearing either an unsuitable outcome or the inherent risks of surgery itself.? Plastic surgery has become extremely widespread among people in the world.

Plastic surgery improves the appearance of a part of the body or face or restores it. It is often resorted to in cases of congenital problems or injuries that have affected the organ or its functions. However, some people resort to it for beautification reasons only. What are the reasons people resort to plastic surgery? What are the side effects of plastic surgery? Is aesthetic medicine considered one of the most critical healthcare sectors, which has increased the public?

Some common reasons include people improving their appearance. The first reason is the desire to increase self-confidence. The social standards of some societies make those who do not possess these standards seek out surgical alterations.

Currently, external appearances have become too important in our society. For example, a man from South Africa divorced his wife on their honeymoon, a few days after their wedding, when he saw her face for the first time without makeup. Some people follow celebrities on social media and imitate them in everything they do; Some celebrities, who see themselves as influencers, hold significant roles in society. They often face pressure to maintain a specific image for their audiences, so they tend to be interested in cosmetic surgeries, and some exaggerate the surgeries; hence, followers and ordinary people involve themselves in the maze of plastic surgery and put themselves on operating tables to change what they don't like.

Also, some people are too concerned with following trends. This means they are too concerned with following the trends and not too worried about being themselves without being affected by what is happening in the world.

Furthermore, facial filters are spread on social media, and people have become very attached to them; thus, they tend to ask cosmetic clinics and doctors to change part of their faces like the filter. For instance, RT News did an interview with Dr. Esho, a cosmetic surgeon. In the interview they discussed the potential psychological effect of constant exposure to these filters of Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media, unrealistic expectations that have increased the number of women who want to change their appearance according to the filters.

The Global Survey in 2022 by Aesthetic Surgery Worldwide is useful when discussing this phenomenon. The report shows an overall increase of 11.2% in cosmetic surgeries in 2022, with more than 14.9 million surgical procedures and 18.8 non-surgical procedures performed worldwide.

According to the research of Statista on Health, Pharma and Medtech in 2021 the United States had the highest number of plastic surgeries with 7,347,900. Colombia had the lowest number with 555,276. The most common plastic surgical procedure in 2021 was Liposuction, with more than 1.9 million procedures and a 24.8% increase in 2021.

Most people do not face side effects during and after plastic surgery, but plastic surgery is not without risks that can affect people physically and psychologically.

While some people seek cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, the results can sometimes disappointingly veer into unintended deformities, leaving them with lasting regrets, therefore leading to a range of negative consequences, including depression, social isolation, and anxiety about public perception. For example, Canadian model Linda Evangelist revealed in a post that she has been permanently disfigured due to a rare side effect called paradoxical fat hyperplasia following a cosmetic surgery to remove fat. This has led her to experience severe depression, deep sadness, isolation, and self-loathing.

Moreover, beyond immediate cosmetic concerns, certain surgical risks also exist, for minor bleeding that may require additional surgery or severe bleeding that requires a blood transfusion; in addition, some surgeries lead to others because the patient is dissatisfied with their appearance.

Studies reveal increased student interest towards cosmetic medicine, indicating a bright future for this field. Beauty centres with surgical and non-surgical procedures have become very widespread worldwide. Furthermore, the booming demand for cosmetic medicine procedures has incentivized doctors with access to capital to invest in dedicated hospitals and clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology. This surge has consequently fueled a significant rise in the need for qualified doctors and specialists, both dermatologists and graduates from other medical departments with relevant skills and expertise.

To conclude, the desire to conform to specific beauty ideals has become significant in some societies, leading to a rise in demand for certain plastic surgeries;  people achieve the desired results through cosmetic surgery which encourage the clinics to increase the beauty clinics , as statistics show a rise in the number of individuals undergoing plastic surgeries. The demand for cosmetic surgeries is spreading to more countries. This has led to a growing public interest in studying cosmetic medicine and an increasing number of cosmetic clinics.


Edited by Chloe Mansola.


Image- by Jim Mutter is licensed BY CC BY 3.0 DEED


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