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Positive Psychology and Well-being Model

Do you think to have a healthy life, it is enough to eat unsaturated fat or do physical exercises?

When scientists speak about health, it is not just about the physical aspect and body. One of the most critical parts of health includes information about the human mind. Previously, scientists focused on some mental disorders and how they could treat them. Nowadays, a new branch of psychology emerges as positive psychology. If humans can exercise and eat unsaturated fat to keep their hearts better, there are some ways to make them happy and satisfied.

Positive psychology uses scientific evidence to help us boost our mood. It is not only intended for our sadness and depression. It helps us to feel more fulfilled and stronger. The main focus of positive psychology is on human well-being. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, defines human well-being through a model named PERMA.


P stands for Positive Emotions. It means experiencing positive feelings plays an active role in human wellbeing. Enjoying something, feeling love, being inspired by something, and being happy are some examples of positive experiences. Seizing the moment and being grateful for the present are other instances. It is not only about the current time but about also having a positive sight of the past and future is another side.

E ensues from Engagement. Did you ever engage in an activity and then lose track of time? Scientists define this state as Flow State. When an action absorbs all our attention and time flies, we experience the flow state. For example, I like swimming and have good skills in this activity. Last weekend, when I was swimming, I focused on my body movements and the bubbles in the water. I planned to swim for about half-hour, but I swam for an hour.

The flow state of mind ensues from our effortless engagement in action. It is like there is no resistance in the moments of doing. This activity may be a hobby, a sport, or our work.

R is the first letter of Relationships. No one can deny that we are social beings. We need someone to trust and be trusted by. Deep connections between family members, friends, and partners are a part of happiness. When we are a part of a group and have a high-quality relationship, we feel more support. Having group support means more safety.

M means Meaning. Positive emotions and being happy are for a moment. It is impossible to be happy at all times. Being in the flow state through our engagement is also temporary. Each of us needs something like a purpose for our lifetime. What is that?

Something more than just an activity and ourselves. It is Meaning, and its exploration may last an entire life. It is different from one person to another. Some examples are having religious opinions, volunteering, and being part of a social group.

One of the essential tips in terms of Meaning is that it does not mean following the other’s goal or meaning because it is your meaning for your life. It is better to have and create your own.

The last one is the A, and it points to Accomplishment. Working on a goal and having progress toward it is fulfilling to humans. It is not important how much our goal is big. It is essential to have an achievement in a dream. We can define success by ourselves. Last month I planned to read new books, and I spent about 45 minutes a day reading. It is my achievement. How about you?


In conclusion, thinking about all these parts and how we can boost our well-being is crucial. As well as our body condition and physical health, we can start exercising or modifying our diet after a heart attack or before having cardiovascular diseases to maintain and strengthen our heart. It is a decision to pay attention to our minds and their function after suffering and depression, or in our normal status to have a happy life.


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