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Spike in Covid Now with Modified mRNA: It Doesn’t Have Desired Proteins

Concerns have been raised about the codon-optimization of the increased mRNAs utilized in COVID-19 products. To get the highest possible level of protein expression in humans, codon-optimization was carried out.  

It is based on evidence that some organisms prefer to use specific codons, known as codon bias The codon bias can be eliminated by creating m RNAs based on the protein's host and the producer using codon replacement to improve the translational efficiency and protein expression without changing the protein’s sequence.

However, it is also recognized that codon optimization can lead to protein configuration, folding, and stability, potentially disrupting the fine-tuned timing of translation and protein function.

Codon optimization can also drag into the misfolding of m RNAs because of the uprising in Guanine/Cytosine (GC content) in the detected m RNA.

There is, in fact an important enhancement of GC content (17% and 25% enhancement, as said by Pfizer and Moderna, respectively, as compared to SARS-CoV-2) as the result of codon optimization that was done, and this can lead to disease-connected biological pathologies which involves G4- quadruplex linked to the prior disease.

Uprising GC content carefully alters m RNA that is secondary formed well, which can also lead to organelle pausing.

In addition to problems expectation with codon-optimization, the change of all the Uridines to N1 methylpseudoridines in the m RNA used for the circulation of the COVID-19 injectable goods gives higher adultery transfer of proteins.

The N1 methylpseudoridines also encourage mutation, and the ribosome very easily slips over these sequences just to change the frame of reading to spread some different proteins. However, the finding was 8% from the previous time.

If the findings get investigated in humans, the number of abnormal proteins that circulate is astonishing.

The spontaneous assembly of spike and N protein molecular structures, which resemble starchy structures and can cause amyloidosis and proteinopathy.    

This suggests that spike proteins circulated in human contexts may also produce amyloids causing neurodegeneration and other pathologies.

Molecular mimicry hotspots of spike protein have already been invented with autoimmune systems in the potential context of thrombocytopenia.

Antibodies that are react in a cross manner with the help of thrombopoietin can also prompt thrombocytopenia, observed in COVID-19 patients.

The enhanced and newly modified m RNA, which encodes the spike in BNT162b2 and Moderna COVID-19 injection, got mocked after the spike happened from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In a glimpse, it is clear that these products need a rethink and a keen investigation. It is peculiar that the manufacturers have had many chances and resources to thoroughly investigate the danger before injecting billions of people with them but did not exploit the opportunity.

“Please don’t stay focused on the money with the help of codon sites because the optimization happens for some reason,” which refers to exploiting the codon bias on several animals and mammals to investigate and optimize thoroughly.

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