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The Pills of Future

 PillBot is a robotic pill that enables performing an endoscopy from the comfort of the home! Manufactured by EndiaTX, a Silicon Valley-based company, the PillBot was showcased during GITEX 2022. 

How does it work? 

The PillBot is made from a polycarbonate material and can squirt water in six different directions. It also has four micro pump jets that provide the pill with a propulsion system allowing it to navigate through the stomach like a drone. Once swallowed, the doctors can remotely examine the patient’s stomach over a virtual call. 

EndiaTX is a startup company dedicated to building robots for the human digestive tract. At EndiaTX, endoscopies were one of the crucial problems they wanted to solve. With the discovery of PillBot, they have simplified endoscopies by eliminating cables and complex procedures. 

Torrey Smith, the co-founder at EndiaTX, said, “if you feel like there is something wrong with your stomach, your doctor can send over the robotic pill. Once it is swallowed with water, you get on a zoom call with the doctor and see the inside of your stomach.”

For conditions like ulcers and lesions, doctors can prescribe medicine remotely, whereas, for other serious complications, the patient should visit the hospital. The fundamental goal of PillBot is to simplify and reduce frequent hospital visits, added Torrey.

The pill only requires 10-15 minutes to give the doctors an understanding of the condition. Moreover, it can naturally pass through the body without any harm. Torrey claims he has already swallowed 15 pills as a part of the research. 

Once the US Food and Drug Administration approves PillBot, EndiaTX will release the robotic pill by 2026. “That is our current projected direction. But since we want to do everything correctly, we are taking it one step at a time.” Torrey said at GITEX. 

Discoveries like PillBot significantly impact the future of the medical field. For example, it reduces the discomfort associated with endoscopies and colonoscopies while eliminating the need for anesthesia and other numbing agents. Moreover, contrary to traditional procedures, consuming PillBot is also a cost-effective alternative.


Edited by Devnum Nagar

Image Source: LinkedIn 

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