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The Relationship Between Mental and Physical Health and the Impact of the Modern Lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization, health is a condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not only the absence of disease or disability. We all know that we should always be healthy, whether it be mentally or physically. Emotional, social, financial, and intellectual health also contribute to overall health, but mental health and physical health are the most frequently discussed types of health.


What is mental health?


From childhood and adolescence through adulthood, mental health is very important in every stage of life. Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being all contribute to our mental health. Our mental health determines how we feel, think, and act, or how we make choices.


What is physical health?


The overall well-being of a body is defined by physical health, where the body is free from illness or injury. It is very important in our day-to-day lifestyle. It can improve our day-to-day activities; it can improve our brain health; it can reduce the risk of disease; and it can activate our bodies.


Mental And Physical Health Related To Each Other


Although the mind and body are separate from each other, mental health and physical health are closely related to each other. If there is good mental health, it can positively affect the physical health, and with poor mental health, it will negatively affect the physical health. By improving physical well-being, mental health will be strengthened as well.


The Effect of a Modern Lifestyle


Modern lifestyles can increase the risk of mental and physical health issues. Today’s lifestyle involves human activities like socialising, shopping, playing, etc., all of which are being done online. People are opting for a new food style. Eating junk is like a fashion in today’s lifestyle. People opt to work from home instead of the office.


In the online world, being online affects our physical and mental health relatively. In many ways, it took us closer to our loved one, but in many ways it caused stress, which affects both our mental and physical health. If we spend the majority of our time playing online games and ignoring outdoor games, it will have an impact on our physical health; if we are not physically fit, we will be unable to be positively active in our daily lives and will be unable to concentrate on anything.This can increase stress and can disturb our mental health.


Pollution: Many of us live in cities where there is so much pollution. The pollution released by machines, industries, and transport is very harmful and causes different respiratory diseases. The dirty air is bad for our brains as well. It may damage the children’s cognitive abilities and can also contribute to depression and anxiety, which affect both our physical and mental health.


Fast food or junk food: most people used to consume more fast food, which affects our physical health and, when coupled with poor health, there will be an increased risk of depression. Excessive consumption of fast food can be linked to anxiety symptoms. There should be a proper diet to be maintained.


Lack of physical work: Because most people now work from home, there is a lack of physical movement in the body. These lead to laziness or inactivity in the person’s body. And lack of physical activity can increase the risk of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.


This is very important to maintain our mental health and physical health in our everyday lives. We can improve this by managing the proper needs of our health. We can do regular exercise, have proper meals on our plate, take trips with our family and friends, etc. Live a happy and healthy life while maintaining physical and mental health. Looking after this, we are able to enjoy our life.


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