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Tips for Black Tea lovers.

We all love 'Ek garam chai ki pyali' frequently to get going with our miserable day's stress. Tea is known for its antioxidant properties and freshness which helps us to concentrate and relax. So, let's see a few ways to enhance your favorite drink.

Add some cinnamon to your black tea: Black tea is a great drink to start your day with as it helps you boost up and become active. However, it is healthier to drink it before going to bed. Adding cinnamon would help to spice up the drink and its properties will help in purifying your throat as well as your heart because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Directions: Dip a cinnamon stick for up to 10 minutes in your black tea and keep swirling. You can also add cloves.

Add lemon juice to your black tea: Lemon is a citrus fruit containing high amounts of antioxidant properties and is sour to taste. It is a prominent drink to have if you are diet conscious or looking forward to losing weight. It is no secret that lemon tea is good for one's health, but if you dislike the taste of lemon tea you could add a pinch of lemon juice. Directions: You can add juice after or before pouring it into the cup. Remember to swirl.

Add honey to taste. Adding smashed ginger to your tea:  This tip is for all kinds of tea lovers, if you drink tea with milk and sugar don't forget to add smashed ginger in boiling water before any other ingredient. Adding ginger is helpful for cough and flu-related problems. The strong combination of ginger makes the tea tasty as well as helps in boosting your immune system. Direction: You can add other spices such as cardamom (elaichi) and lemongrass to your taste.

Add mint leaves to your black tea: Mint in your black tea adds an irresistible scent to the tea. This is a ‘classic housewives’ tale’ recipe that helps ease menstrual cramps as well as clear digestive problems. Mint black tea also helps in soothing sinuses and nausea. It is one of the therapeutic teas that could also be drunk as a cold beverage. Directions: Use freshly cut mint leaves for better taste and add honey to taste.

Small changes to your daily life make it beautiful and joyful. Same way, adding these flavors to your favorite beverage will help keep your tastebuds healthy. Drink tasty and stay healthy.

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