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Mayotte Set to be Disposed of the Birthplace Citizenship by France

In a controversial move, the French authorities recently unveiled a plan to modify the Constitution to revoke birthplace citizenship on the island of Mayotte in the French Indian Ocean. The proposal for this amendment has been motivated by the considerable social unrest and the challenging migration crisis that Mayotte has been grappling with. The primary objective of this suggested amendment is to address the difficulties the island has been facing head-on and find a viable solution for the ongoing issues it has been dealing with.

France presently offers citizenship based on both ancestry and place of birth, but this proposition poses a potential threat of escalating tensions in the country, especially after the implementation of a stringent immigration law.

"It will no longer be possible to become French if one is not the child of French parents," said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in an official announcement on Sunday regarding the reform, which came after his arrival on the island. Referred to as the country's poorest department, the island had witnessed three weeks of protests before this development.


Island residents have been actively engaging in strikes and setting up roadblocks since the beginning of the year to express their dissatisfaction with the prevailing living conditions. This collective action has resulted in the disruption of significant portions of the local infrastructure, causing a state of paralysis in various sectors.

Mayotte, a French overseas territory, has long been plagued by economic struggles and social unrest, making it significantly less prosperous than mainland France. Unfortunately, the situation has taken a turn for the worse in recent times due to the exacerbation of gang violence and ongoing social tensions. To compound the challenges, the island is currently grappling with a severe water shortage, further intensifying the difficulties faced by its residents.

As per the reports by France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, the place is home to around 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 residents.

Less than three weeks ago, France's highest court delivered a ruling that substantially defeated the recently enacted immigration law. The objective of this legislation was to get rid of the criteria for foreigners to access welfare easily, while also striving to mitigate the surge of new arrivals into the country.

It is also to be duly noted that the residence permits issued to foreigners in Mayotte are only valid for the island and cannot be used to travel to mainland France. Removal of that system is one of the key demands of the protesters.

Immigration has become a highly sensitive topic in France, a nation renowned for its strong backing of far-right anti-immigration factions. This has sparked debates and discussions, highlighting the deep divisions and conflicting perspectives within the country.

Image Credit : Le Monde

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