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Mayotte Set to be Disposed of the Birthplace Citizenship by France

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The French authorities, in a rather controversial move, have recently put forth a plan to put amendments to the constitution by revoking the birthplace citizenship on the island of Mayotte, located in the French Indian Ocean. Constant social unrest, including protests for and against the migration within Mayotte, has concluded the prime force that led to the new amendment.

This amendment is set to address the ongoing issues about the difficulties being borne by the island for a long time.

Citizenship in France is broadly offered based on the ancestral past, and also as per the birthplace criteria, although, since implementing this immigration-related law, the country is set to witness further unrest and uprising by the affected and interest groups involved.

In an official statement made by the interior minister of France, Gerald Darmanin, it was said that "It will no longer be possible to become French if one is not the child of French parents,". This reform was initiated after he had stepped onto the island. This island is said to be the poorest of all across the country and has also witnessed violent unrest in the recent past.

The residents of Mayotte have actively engaged the local authorities, by setting up roadblocks alongside important transit routes, striking back at local businesses, vandalism, and violence against the public in general, displaying their anger against the living conditions of the place. The continuing unrest has greatly contributed to the collapse of the economy to a great extent, as many small entities have packed up.

Mayotte, a French overseas territory, has had a historic economic strategy in maintaining a robust market, and trade, along with violent clashes, on and off, making it less viable for a global outreach when compared to France. The island in recent times has seen a surge in gang violence amidst the social tensions, which contributed to more devastating consequences for the local residents. The people are also reported to have water shortages across the island.

As per the reports, The island is set to be the home of at least 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 residents, as per the data presented by France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies.

Less than three weeks ago, France's highest court delivered a ruling that substantially defeated the recently enacted immigration law. The objective of this legislation was to get rid of the criteria for foreigners to access welfare easily, while also striving to mitigate the surge of new arrivals into the country.

It is also to be duly noted that the residence permits issued to foreigners in Mayotte are only valid for the island and cannot be used to travel to mainland France. Removal of that system is one of the key demands of the protesters.

Immigration has become a highly sensitive topic in France, a nation renowned for its strong backing of far-right anti-immigration factions. This has sparked debates and discussions, highlighting the deep divisions and conflicting perspectives within the country.

Source Credit: NDTV

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