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How to purchase a new face, the quickest way to go from 60 to 20

Who is behind the magical age-rewinding facelifts? 


Source: Tik-Tok @/jiezou16


Under the alias name Dr. Kim with a TikTok account with the username @/jiezou16 which currently has 240.8k followers and 3.1m likes, has baffled the internet with his drastic plastic surgery before and after pictures. 


Source: Tik-Tok @/jiezou16


His clientele consists of older men and women wanting to look younger. His comment section is constantly flooded with viewers' opinions such as, “mutilated”, “he’s creating monsters” and “it’s giving uncanny valley”. This is due to the after pictures being the ones immediately after the surgery when the patient has visible stitches and a puffy face. 


Source: Tik-Tok 


It has been a huge mystery as to who Dr. Kim is, people have speculated his whereabouts ever since his videos went viral. According to research by Surgical Times, when his previous profile picture was reversed, a Google search suggested that the surgeon’s name was Kim Ji-hoon and that he operates in South Korea. But his WhatsApp is a China-based number with a +86 code. 


Source: Surgical Times


These surgeries are not cheap, with the most expensive procedure being about £50,000. But this does not stop the downpour of clients from all around the world wanting to look and feel younger. 


According to his TikTok account, most of his patients usually get the same surgeries, these include a facelift, eve lift, rhinoplasty, botox, jaw shaving, cheek implants, chin implants, double eyelid, and lip injections. Most of his clients always end up looking like clones of the previous ones. 


Source: Tik-Tok @/jiezou16


There is no certain way to verify if Dr. Kim holds the required licence or practice to carry out these drastic surgeries.


Dr Anthony Youn, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, award-winning author, and specialist in anti-ageing medicine, has over 14 million followers on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others. He labelled Dr. Kim's makeovers are "just unnecessary plastic surgery." 


In another Tik-Tok video, Dr Youn also stated “The plastic surgery coming out of Asia is so extreme that it makes me sad and this whole thing is strange, because are these truly the hands of a 69-year-old woman? This is just strange”


One of Dr Kim’s most famous patients is a 51-year-old man (who remains unnamed) from Spain who flew halfway across the world just to get his procedures done by Dr Kim, according to his video description, “A client from Spain and had a full facelift. He looks 10 years younger than before:)” 


Source: Tik-Tok @/jiezou16


This video was highly criticised which caused Dr. Kim to disable his comment section on this video. This video also currently sits at over 13m views. 


Source: Tik-Tok @/jiezou16


This video has also been flagged as sensitive even though it shares the same format as his other videos. 


The reason for this video to blow up was due to it being the biggest change ever seen in Dr Kim's videos, the man seems completely unrecognisable.


All of the talk about these videos boils down to one recurring question: What or why drives older individuals to spend a lot of money on cosmetic procedures to seem more youthful? 

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