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What ‘food fads’ are coming in 2024?

Trends come and go, and food is no exception to this rule.


From veganism to low-carb, keto to ditching dairy, each new year comes with new fads in diet culture. Your health and fitness journey is unique to you, so it’s important to do your research as to what will work for you and your body. However, if you want to be ahead of the curve, stay tuned for our 2024 ‘food fad’ predictions.


Move over, meat substitutes! Fungi are taking centre stage with versatile, umami-rich mushrooms like oyster, king trumpet, and lion's mane appearing in everything from burgers and steaks to pasta fillings and creamy sauces. Vegans and plant-based eaters online are already opting for a portobello mushroom in their burgers in place of meat substitutes.


In line with this, expect to see a huge surge in plant-based protein sources like jackfruit, lentils, tempeh, and nuts incorporated into creative dishes across various cuisines. Look for protein-fortified products like pasta, yoghurt, and snack bars gaining popularity too.


From kimchi to kombucha, fermented foods are gaining traction for their gut-friendly bacteria and unique flavours. Having gained popularity in the Western world with Asian food influencers sharing their cultural cuisine online, expect to see more fermented creations like kimchi and century eggs sneaking onto the scene. What’s more, fermented foods contain probiotics, which is great for your gut health!


As we embrace a multicultural society, ‘third culture food’ is on its way in 2024. This flavour fusion celebrates the marriage of diverse culinary traditions, reflecting the multicultural identities of many countries and immigrants. Look for exciting blends like Korean-Mexican tacos, Filipino-Cajun gumbo, and Vietnamese-inspired pizza toppings. I’ve been loving Co-Op’s Member Created pizza range - the chicken fajita pizza is a magical union of Italian and Mexican food, and I can’t wait to see this trend evolve as we move further into the year.


With its bold flavours and fresh ingredients, Caribbean cuisine is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Expect to see dishes like jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, and conch fritters gracing restaurant menus and home kitchens.


On a more technological note, AI-powered food recommendations and meal planning apps are gaining traction, helping individuals create customised diets based on their health goals, preferences, and allergies. Dieting apps such as MyFitnessPal hold a poor reputation online, and many users allege that this app causes eating disorders. Many food and fitness content creators such as Sean Casey are set to launch their apps this year - is this the year that diets go digital?


As food trends come and go, it’s important to remember that food is so much more than just fuel. Food is a love language, a part of our culture, and an expression of creativity. Experiment with food by all means, but when it comes to extreme changes in your diet, always conduct thorough research and consult a dietician if necessary. 


Happy snacking!

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