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Which Love Language is Yours?

In this world, we all love, but something that only came to my attention in the last couple of years is that we all love in different ways. We show our love to and for others through different mediums. I’ve come to know these as love languages. This is actually a beautiful concept. To think that with over 8 billion people on this earth, we all have different ways of displaying love. This love can be for anyone. Your partner, friend, mum or dog. There are different ideas to bring to the table of showing love.  I am going to delve into the five of which I am aware.


1. Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are verbal acknowledgements of affection for a loved one. An example of this would be saying “I love you” frequently throughout a random Tuesday to your chosen love. Not because it is their birthday, but because you care for them and choose to express it by letting them know in your own words. This could also be displayed by texting somebody. After all, texting or messaging someone is an active form of communication in 2024. In my experience those who use this love language to express themselves and their love feel confident that they have been understood and that the love they have given has been received solidly and transparently. 


2. Quality Time

If you think your love language is quality time, you probably feel most happy in love when you are spending time with your other half. If you love somebody, going to Tesco to grab a meal deal together is fun for you. Sitting beside them in the car or even just being on a call, but not speaking, is satisfying for your heart. If this is you, you probably really appreciate the details. Eye contact and being fully present are important parts of the time you spend with the one you love. You appreciate someone's undivided attention.


3. Acts Of Service

If your love language is acts of service, you go out of your way to complete small or big tasks to please your loved one. This might be bringing in your colleagues a bag of doughnuts so they don’t go hungry on shift or taking out the rubbish for your partner because they are tired, even though it is their turn. I believe that this love language is for those who believe that actions speak louder than words. People like this appreciate the love language reciprocated for them too. They can’t always be the ones who who give. It shows them that their love is appreciated, and the way they show it is seen.


4. Gift- giving

This one is pretty straightforward and to be honest, it is probably my least favourite love language. This love language is when you show your love to others by buying them gifts. This could be a Rolex watch or your dinner every single time you go out together. For most who display this love language, it is not about the monetary value of the gift but the symbolism behind it. The thought that goes into picking and buying the gift is very important to them. It is the thought behind the gift, the love behind it.


5. Physical Touch

Are you one of those people who love a kiss and a hug but do it 10 times a day with intermittent hand-holding? Your love language is physical touch. Any physical activity or touch can be very gratifying and affirming to those with this love language. You don’t just hug and kiss anyone. This person has to be pretty special to get this kind of attention and treatment from you. This love language can serve as a powerful emotional connector. 


Edited By Sanjana Srinivasan



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