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Adult Industry - The Parallel Reflection of the Normal Society

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Over the last few months and years, the adult film industry has seen numerous performers descending to hardships, losses, and untimely demise. Not to say the industry is always ravaged with controversies, mystery, and allured gravitation towards closed-door news, but also having to put up with Orbituaries of top performers, and the criticism that follows.

There has always been a skeptical outlook on the lives of these performers, both on and off-camera as they are deemed to have been involved with something, only few can think of enduring and making a living out of doing so. Numerous outlets have depicted their lives as being full of savage parties, lots of drama, and kinky closed-door relationships, however, these have been busted out by the performers themselves, as many have reported not being in touch with their own identity since starting with this industry, and losing all hopes of existence, as they continue to sell out their work.

Since the suicide of August Ames, considered one of the top adult performers in the industry, several stars have come out in support of passing through the stigmatization of these performers' lives and focusing more on why their mental well-being matters. Performers have not only lashed out at the media for its viel depiction of their lives but have also gone ahead in speaking in great detail about how viewing the industry as just another normal make-believe content producer stands only as a distant dream, and why they are just as normal as your next door neighbor leading the typical suburban life.

Questions have been raised on why the passing of these performers always involves either drug overdose, unresponsiveness at a hotel room, or suicide, which mostly has involved a gunshot wound to the head. Some say this is a symmetrical image to the rockstar-filled life of singers constituting a band, wherein most of them have passed away with similar consequences, mostly notable for earning themselves the tag into the legend of the “27 Club”. Although, there isn’t any stigma attached to rock singers, adult performers due to the graphic nature of their work, face this scrutiny even after death, as to what happened and why the cause is what it is.

The Industry as a whole has come under heavy scrutiny as they are questioned about the treatment of these performers regarding making their contracts, deciding how and what should be done medically with their bodies to fit their scenes, etc. Although several performers are living a normal way of life and have a sunny outlook on the industry, this bunch is only considered an exception, whereas a great percentage of performers have an otherwise outlook. Some say the industry turns them into an empty commodity to fit their needs, while others are constantly shamed for practicing their craft by the general public, especially in social media channels, where tides of insults are traded along.

Media when reporting these stories, have tried staying objective although, some sources have seemingly gone out of touch in reporting parts of their lives, which had no bearing to the news of their demise. The mainstream media has rarely gone on to dedicate a full-blown program to these headlines, as the assumption lies that doing so would just tarnish the big brand name of their organization, thus disbarring the trust of the normal public.

The performers have in recent times, gone on to showcase their talents outside their full-time practice, by displaying the same on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is helping them garner a separate new fanbase, enabling them to foster a changed mindset towards the stars, and look at the performers from a different lens, and realize their caliber, apart from the “R’ rated material they are known to produce.

Remembering the performers, using the keyword “Performers”, would enable us to put them in conjunction with mainstream movie actors, as everything they do and perform, is for the camera, under the direct supervision of the director and creators of the material, although, the material feeling when performing an adult scene can be debated in terms of whether or not the performers are actually into it, rather than just acting it out, and this becomes the venomous stigma, which is heavily used by the world to categorize them as material commodities.

Practicing sexual liberation remains a fundamental priority for certain groups, and the adult industry has also been hailed for making this movement a household name by displaying the natural concept practiced at closed doors, so vividly. Oftentimes, the consumers of these contents stay away from actually wanting to be known as associates of the material, as they believe by doing so, they would transfer the stigma on themselves, and face the brunt of cruel labeling from the society and the closed ones.

Society could have multiple perceptions of the industry, However, the same should in no way influence their emotional intelligence regarding the approach they present towards this group. Since the adverse mental toll on these performers piles up to a height, the assistance available doesn’t match up, and mandating this would greatly help eradicate the social gap, wherein all the social, and medical facilities are readily available to them, and they are not questioned, or tagged specially abled due to the nature of their living.

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