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Afghan Refugees Arrive In Canada This Week

The federal government reported that more than 300 people arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport this week on a flight from Pakistan.


Afghan refugees will be resettled in communities such as Surrey B.C., Toronto, and London O.N. according to the news release held on April 12. from Honourable Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration for the Refugees and Citizenship in Canada.


As Canada promises to settle 40,000 Afghan refugees as of 2021, the Government of Canada’s website reported following April 12. 30,280 people were welcomed into the country.


After Afghanistan faced political hardships in August 2021, Canada received a total of 17,995 immigration applications.


People anticipate the legal and emotional processes of adjusting to a new country, as Afghanistan continues to face political challenges and while Canada continues to accept immigration applications.


Thus far, only 11,990 applications have been approved out of 17,995, according to the Immigration Department report.


In a news conference held on April 12. at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, the federal government recognizes that there will be significant changes even after 40,000 Afghan refugees are resettled.


During the news conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that once 40,000 people are resettled the Canadian government would look at the next steps - when he was asked about increasing the number of resettled people.


"We are continuing to work on fulfilling those numbers - we'll look at what we can and must do in the future," Trudeau said during the news conference at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.


When leaving a home country due to unwanted reasons, the adjustment process can be jolting for many people who are resettling. The Government of Canada offers various support programs for people arriving in the country.


Upon arrival, people have access to Government-assisted programs where refugees in Canada will receive at least 12 months of financial support, operated by the Resettlement Assistance Program.


The program also includes an Interim Federal Health Program for medical coverage and language classes.


The Humanitarian program is available to resettle vulnerable Afghan nationals outside of Afghanistan. The program’s goal is to resettle government-assisted refugees and privately sponsored refugees.


A news release from the Immigration Department said, “Canada is prioritizing the most vulnerable Afghans including women leaders, human rights defenders, persecuted and religious minorities, LGBTQI+ individuals and journalists.”


More than 100 communities in Canada have welcomed Afghan refugees and as more people are reunited with family members and loved ones, Canada has yet to announce the next steps for 2024.  



Edited by Kavya Venkateshwaran

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