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Bud Light’s Beer Backlash

The Collaboration and Backlash


A transgender influencer was recently selected by Bud Light to participate in a campaign and show support, but the situation took a controversial turn. Many of Bud Light's fans felt betrayed by the company's choice of influencer, leading to boycotts and panic for Bud Light. The situation turned into a nightmare marketing scenario for Bud Light, as they not only faced backlash from individuals who disagreed with their influencer selection but also a backlash from the LGBTQ community and allies who believed the company failed to protect their hire.


Dylan, a transgender woman known for her transparent and friendly online presence, also happens to be a dedicated fan of Bud Light. Recognizing the opportunity for a fruitful collaboration with one of their fans, Bud Light approached Dylan Mulvany. In Dylan's promotional video, she encouraged people to participate in a Bud Light contest and mentioned that Bud Light had sent her a customized can featuring her face. Unfortunately, the collaboration took a drastic turn that neither party could have anticipated. Bud Light faced an unexpected backlash from many conservative beer consumers who boycotted the brand due to their decision to work with Dylan. This collaboration was considered surprising since Dylan's fan base was not traditionally seen as overlapping with that of Bud Light. Despite the unexpected outcome, the collaboration had the potential to be a unique and beautiful partnership.


Bud Light’s Marketing Nightmare


Despite the negative response from the media, many people were even more disappointed with Bud Light's handling of the situation. Bud Light released multiple statements about firing marketers or shifting their advertising strategies, but they remained silent about Dylan, or addressing the concerns of the transgender community. This led many to question whether Bud Light had simply used Dylan to gain access to her tens of millions of followers. One of Dylan's most impactful statements highlighted the fact that Bud Light had not reached out to her directly. She expressed her opinion, stating that for a company to hire a trans person and then fail to publicly support that spokesperson was even worse than not hiring a trans person at all.


Dylan recently spoke up about the lack of support she received from Bud Light after their relationship fell apart. Despite her painful video response after her social media haitus, she refrained from tarnishing the Bud Light brand and instead used her platform to advocate against bullying. Dylan’s fans, including potential Bud Light customers, were further discouraged from choosing the brand due to the situation. In an attempt to regain support from their fan base, Bud Light has shifted its advertising focus towards football and country music. This goes beyond a mere marketing mishap and highlights the division among people when it comes to diversity in the media. 


Bud Light's decision to post a single advertisement resulted in millions of comments filled with backlash and hate.  Unfortunately, Bud Light responded without prioritizing the safety and well-being of the transgender individual they had hired.


This latest controversy shows that trans issues continue to be at the forefront of culture wars in this country.


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