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“Classism might be the reason for the fall of the Brits”

Without a doubt, everyone has been negatively impacted by the cost of living crisis. And yet again, we have landed ourselves in the problem of falling debt levels of Council Town Hall.


The unsuccessful commercial investments by the communities of Thurrock, Woking, and Nottingham City have made them experience significant budget cuts. For example, Thurrock's Council members reported that the city would require "extensive cuts over the next three years to break even, given its financial black hole of £469 million in 2022 and its debt of 1.4 billion. This is an escalating problem for the inhabitants of these residential areas because either essential services are planned to be cut down or the cost of facilities is prohibitive.


The debt of Surrey District Council is predicted to reach 2.6 billion after the council promised to spend £605 on the town centre's Victoria Square skyscrapers and £495 million on the abandoned 1,000-home sheer water housing development project, which was shelved in October. The council has recommended 12 million in cuts for the following year, including elimination of funding for a Yvonne Arnaud theatre, closing a swimming pool in phases over three years, and eliminating all public restrooms.


This is completely classist way of treating an issue as many of these removals, cuts and budgets will aim to benefit the upper classes due to wealth inequality; which is going on within the UK, beneath our eyes. The measures taken,in many ways will have a tremendous impact on small businesses, higher rent and vital services provided for vulnerable individuals.


Additionally, through my analysis, I would like to add the parallel of this story,  as recently, the Elizabeth line has been built which was worth 25 billion since opening in May 2023 but,  the government and developers are refusing to take responsibility for Grenfell Tower which was part of the Lancaster West estate, a council housing complex in North Kensington for renovating the building’s safety requirements, which according to the fire brigades union killed 72 individuals and “devastated a close-knit community in the heart of London”.


It is high time that the council, the government, and those in power, should completely align with the public on their wants and needs, a cause of concern which needs to be addressed sooner; especially when a large number of the population is still going through the cost-of-living crisis.


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Editor: Jaya Jha

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